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The Benefits Of Power Assisted Doors


More often than not, when wanting to install new revolving doors at the entrance to a commercial property, many will assume that they only have two options available; manual revolving doors and automatic revolving doors. However, this isn’t the case and there is another option that is always worthwhile considering; power assisted revolving doors.


As the name suggests, these doors are designed to assist the user but they aren’t fully automatic. So, similarly to a manual door, users will need to push the door to start it moving, however, once the door senses manual operation, the power assist gently takes over and it will power the door to reach its self-parking position where it will stop and be ready for the next user. It really is considered to be a happy medium between manual and automatic doors.


If you’re currently contemplating which type of revolving doors you should install at your commercial property, below is a list of benefits to opting for power assisted doors.


Incredibly energy-efficient

Revolving doors are known for being more energy-efficient than other automatic door options available, such as sliding doors, because they make it much easier to maintain the desired temperature inside a building, but power assisted doors are even more energy-efficient. Due to the fact that they aren’t fully automatic and they only require a minimal amount of electrical power to self-park, they use much less energy than fully automatic revolving doors.


More affordable than automatic doors

Not only will power assisted revolving doors help you to save on your energy bills and have reduced running costs when compared to automatic doors, but they also have a more affordable up-front cost too. Power assisted doors sit in between the standard manual and fully automatic revolving door price bracket and their costs make them a very attractive choice. Once people know the savings they can make, they tend to choose these doors over fully automatic doors.


Effective in smoothing people flow

Power assisted revolving doors are just as capable as any other type of revolving door in smoothing the flow of people in and out of a building. Of course, only so many people can use a revolving door at once and power assisted door mechanisms are usually fitted with a speed limiter too. So, you can trust that these doors will always rotate as a comfortable pace and they can’t be pushed at excessive speed, which also makes them an incredibly safe option too.


Undeniably aesthetically pleasing

Many favour revolving doors over the other entrance solutions available to them because they are aesthetically pleasing and thankfully, opting for power assisted doors won’t hinder their appearance. Power assist drive units can be configurable for both frameless and framed revolving doors, three or four-wing configurations and the doors can be brushed or polished stainless steel or any RAL colour. So, they can perfectly complement your building’s aesthetics.


Straightforward and virtually effortless to use

Power assisted revolving doors are intuitive for users and they won’t cause any confusion when people are wanting to enter or exit your building. Their drive mechanism also ensures that very minimal physical exertion is required to manually rotate the door from its stationary parked position, meaning that they will be virtually effortless for the vast majority of users. Due to the fact that they self park ready for the next user, they are always easy to get into as well.


Installing power assisted doors at your commercial property

All in all, whilst there are advantages to both manual and automatic doors too, it is fair to say that the many benefits associated with power assisted doors makes them a main contender for most revolving door projects. It is highly likely that a power assisted revolving door will be able to meet all of your requirements and as mentioned above, they will be the most cost-effective and energy-effective solution available to you.


When searching for a company who can assist you with manual, automatic and power assisted doors, be sure to contact us here at the EA Group. Our knowledgeable team will gladly help you to decide between all three of these options and no matter which you end up choosing, we can design and build the doors you require to your building’s dimensions. With many years of experience behind us, you can trust us to ensure that the revolving doors installed are perfectly suited to your building and your needs.