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Revolving doors and entry systems for the leisure sector


Customers visit the leisure sector to unwind after a long day or to train and work on themselves. It goes without saying that businesses here need to make sure that their buildings are as secure and comfortable as possible for customers and staff alike. This of course involves investing in the right equipment, but you should also look at the services that support each site itself. This includes your doors, security services, access control and building management systems.

At EA Group we’re specialists in all of the above! We provide modern solutions that allow guests and staff to enter your site securely and easily, and ensure that their stay is comfortable and safe. We do this by providing a range of technology that integrate with your existing services and each other to create one complete solution.

In today’s blog we’ll take a closer look at these services, and recommend solutions that could be right for your business.

Revolving doors: Dazzle your guests

Revolving doors are arguably the most visually impressive entrances available to most UK businesses today. Their all-glass appearance means they look great inside and out. They allow more light to enter your building and support the flow of people both in and out of your site.

We know that for gyms and leisure centres especially, air conditioning is incredibly important. Revolving doors can be a great help here. As during their operation at least two wings of the door are touching the wall, technically no conditioned air is allowed to escape the site. Similarly, outside air is not allowed in. This prevents drafts, saves on your bills and keeps guests and staff comfortable.

Speed lanes and turnstiles: add security and protect revenue

The purpose of all great security services is to keep unauthorised people out, while keeping your guests safe. This sounds simple but it has to be done in a way that’s efficient and unobstructive to everyone involved. Many leisure businesses have a staffed presence but for those looking for added efficiency, look no further than speed gates.

Speed gates are the evolution of traditional turnstiles you’re used to seeing around stadiums and events. They are usually made of glass and integrate with a variety of access control services. This is perfect if your business uses ID cards, tokens or other forms of ID.

Our speed gates use automatic sensors to detect when their intended user has passed through them, and then closes before any tailgaters can follow. You can heavily customise your speed gates to suit your needs. This includes choosing between waist-high or full-height turnstiles for added security or changing the method of access control.

CCTV: Protect your site

Keeping your site secure has to be a priority. Especially when your customers are likely to be leaving their personal belongings on-site. Having a staffed security presence is a great way to deter potential thieves, as are the entry solutions we mentioned previously. Combining these with CCTV gives you an extra layer of protection.

CCTV has come a long way since the grainy camera displays we were used to in the early 2000s. Modern cameras have far greater range of motion, covering all corners of your site. Their displays can be customised to include colour footage, or even to capture footage during low-light conditions.

Monitoring your cameras is also much simpler. Instead of having to view cameras through a dedicated control room, you can now access footage remotely from a device of your choice. This allows for some genuine peace of mind.

Access control: ClubManager integration and more

We know that your gym or leisure facility likely has its own software for bookings and membership. We’re pleased to say that our turnstiles, speed gates and other entry solutions all integrate seamlessly alongside them.

This includes ClubManager, the service we’re asked about most often. ClubManager features booking and attendance management services operated via an app or kiosk. With the help of open APIs, businesses can use ClubManager with other business systems such as accounting and customer relationship management.

Integrating a booking and membership system like ClubManager with your access control adds an extra layer of security and convenience for your guests. Using this service you can allow easy access for your members and their guests, while blocking unauthorised access. You can track attendance, which can be vital in the case of an emergency and also track usage which can be relevant when renewing memberships.

Overall introducing a well-designed access control system to your gym or leisure centre allows you to create an exclusive image and keeps your members safe.

For more information about our systems mentioned here or if you have any questions that we haven’t managed to answer here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536. Check out our other blogs for more tips about how your business can make the most of these services.