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What you need to know about car park barriers


Car park barriers are one of those common sights that we take for granted. But if they go wrong or don’t meet the needs of the business that uses them, there can be a huge amount of disruption. Controlling the flow of traffic to and from a business is a hugely important task, so the technology you use throughout this process needs to be carefully considered.

Installing automatic barriers is a fantastic way to shore up the safety and security of your site. They also help to ensure that any required payments always take place. They are designed to work seamlessly alongside the rest of your security and access control solutions. In today’s blog we’ll discuss the factors you need to consider when investing in car park gates, and how they can benefit your business.

What makes a great barrier parking system?

Any good car parking barrier system needs to be focussed on a key set of features. First and foremost, it needs to be able to actually physically block vehicles from accessing your site! After this, the best parking systems can then integrate with revenue and security solutions, creating a complete security system.

How to choose the right barrier?

Before we get down to the integrations, you first need to make sure you have a barrier that meets the physical and aesthetic needs of your car park. You need to consider the level of security and length of barrier required. A manufacturing business and a shopping centre will likely have different needs.

The FAAC 614 barrier is one of the most versatile solutions on the market today, and one we often recommend for car parks. Their beams can reach up to 5 metres, and they feature an efficient and elegant operation. You can customise your barrier with a range of different beams, with rectangular and rounded versions available. For extra traffic control, you can include reflective stickers and flashing lights to help drivers in low visibility conditions.

For a heavier duty solution, we’d recommend our EA 6000XHD automatic barrier. This barrier achieves a vast 9 metre roadway span and is designed for constant use. It has a unique design and single-phase power supply, making it a very heavy-duty solution. This barrier is ideal for both car parks and industrial use.

What can your barrier integrate alongside?

While just installing barriers is a great way to protect your site, did you know that we can help you integrate them alongside a range of other services?

Using bollards alongside your barriers adds an extra layer of security. We recommend using automatic bollards to protect your site during out-of-hours. We can assist with choosing the best location and mechanism to meet your architectural surroundings.

Alongside bollards and barriers, we can also consult on choosing the right payment systems. There’s a lot of choice when to comes to these solutions. You need one that can integrate with your barriers, for an easier and more secure customer experience. This will likely be a pay on foot parking system, but new services are arriving all the time that we will be happy to advise you on.

Finally, barriers can play a key role in your security network. They delay vehicles for enough time for security services to clock them, but not long enough to cause irritation. At EA Group we offer a complete line of CCTV cameras that meet the latest standards in quality, performance and reliability. We also offer ANPR cameras that can record number plates within seconds. Our cameras feature modern cloud databases, saving on storage while allowing easy access to footage whenever you need it.

The benefits of robust car park security

Protecting your car park using barriers and other solutions can be incredibly valuable to your business in a number of ways. Naturally it’s great to keep unauthorised visitors out, but they also keep your guests’ and staff’s vehicles in! The peace of mind that barriers provide can be just as valuable as the physical security that they maintain.

Car park barriers are also a great way of ensuring that your car park is never overfilled. Without a robust entry solution, cars may end up parking in entryways or other unsafe areas which can be a major hazard in the case of an emergency.

When combined with the other solutions mentioned earlier, a parking security system essentially negates the need to have extra staff patrolling your car park. With a solution from EA Group, visitors are guided efficiently to where they need to park. Payment can be better guaranteed and security can be monitored from anywhere through your well-placed cameras.

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