Improving your building’s pedestrian access with revolving doors

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Since the pandemic, many businesses are looking at their pedestrian access differently. There needs to be a focus on making sure that no matter your industry, staff and customers can get inside safely and securely whilst feeling comfortable. With footfall traffic on the rise again, now’s the perfect time to introduce a solution that can make your business reliably accessible for years to come. This is where revolving doors can help.

Revolving doors provide a unique level of versatility when compared to other entry points. They can help you maximise space efficiency in your entryway while allowing you to better manage the flow of traffic into your premises. At EA Group, we pride ourselves on providing entry solutions that match the needs and the aesthetic of your business. Our revolving doors, including all-glass and high capacity models are some of the key solutions that allow us to do this. Here’s a few of the industries in which they can help.

Professional Services – Create the perfect welcome

Revolving doors are ideal for creating a warm welcome, literally! Due to the way that they are always simultaneously open and closed, there is a separation of the indoor and outside air. This is ideal for both summer and winter and allows everyone to be met with a sense of comfort when they enter your business.

Presentation is vital for many professional services. This is often communicated through your branding, the technology you use and the level of service provided. A revolving door, whether manual or automatic, framed or all-glass provides a clean and highly professional appearance. Revolving doors also naturally limit foot traffic to ensure that people always enter in a safe and relaxed manner, allowing your staff to always provide the right welcome.

Retail – Maximise space and safety

Once again managing pedestrian traffic has to be a focus of businesses in the retail sector. Since the start of the pandemic, it’s crucial to know exactly how many people are within your premise at any one time. This can also in some circumstances include screening details about them. Revolving doors allow you to manage this entry process while maximising the available floor space.

In terms of safety, revolving doors allow you to limit the number of visitors entering your premise at any one time. Combined with a thermal CCTV solution, you can even test skin temperature on entry to better protect your guests and customers. The design of a revolving door allows you to create a one-way-system, even if you don’t have designated entrances or exits, as the same revolving door can be used for both purposes.

Revolving doors are the perfect way to create an efficient entry solution, that guides pedestrian traffic around your premises in an organised and secure way for both them and your staff.

Airports & Stations – Support your capacity needs

With passengers once again returning to airports and busy city stations, it’s vital that these sites can improve both traffic flow efficiency and the travel experience. Congestion needs to be alleviated wherever possible and revolving doors provide a great way to limit queues in a comfortable and visually appealing way. At EA Group we can provide high-capacity, full height gates that allow guests and their belongings an easy way to enter and exit your premises. Full-capacity solutions do not have a centre shaft, allowing space for pushchairs, wheelchairs or luggage trolleys.

Once again there is a cost benefit here too, as the cost of heating or cooling your premises is greatly reduced by the revolving door’s environmental separation. Our full-height solutions also allow reflective light into your building, creating a more appealing entrance.

Healthcare & Education – Improved access and security

Organisations in the healthcare and education sector need to be able to manage high footfall areas effectively. Revolving doors allow you to guarantee that all visitors, patients or students have left and entered in an organised and secure way. Not only are our high-capacity entranceways accessible for all, but they can be augmented with custom built sliding doors for added accessibility.

Our revolving doors are also rigorously tested to meet the highest security standards. Our security solutions range from doors that can integrate with access control services; ideal for schools, all the way up to bulletproof glass for high security sites. We also offer a range of security systems that can be installed alongside your entranceway for added peace of mind.

EA Group are the UK’s leading provider of entrance solutions. All our entranceways are tailored to your businesses’ specific dimensions and requirements, giving you an entrance that remains efficient and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. To get in touch with our team, call EA Group on 01372 459536, or to find out more about our revolving doors, visit our website.