What Makes ID Card Access Control Systems So Popular?


There is no denying that access control systems play a vital role in the security of several commercial premises up and down the UK and they are a tried and tested method for restricting access. Generally speaking, nowadays the term ‘access control’ is used when referring to any electronic method of controlling who can gain entry to a specific point, and you have many different solutions to choose from in this regard.


One of the most commonly sought after types of access control is proximity access control and these systems can be installed to doors, turnstiles, barriers and gates. To gain entry through a point secured with this type of system, you will need some form of proximity card and these are usually key fobs or ID cards. When these are presented, they will either release the locking mechanism for authorised people or deny access for unauthorised people.


If you’re wondering what makes proximity access control systems, in particular, those which are controlled by ID cards, so popular, keep reading today.


Provide you with much more control

Unlike the other options available, when you opt for an ID card access control system, you will have increased control over who can gain entry to secure points. Since every ID card is created specifically for the owner to use, you can control who can enter restricted areas and at what times, rather than having to generalise this for groups of people.


When providing employees with ID cards, you can give each person access rights to certain areas and even for specific times of day too. You will never have to worry about who is where in your building, as you will have complete control over this.


Enable you to track who passes through a secure point

ID cards are one of the only access control solutions that enable you to know exactly who has entered through a secure point. Unlike keypad access control or even key fob access control, because ID cards are allocated to individual members of staff, you will be able to find out which smart card was used to pass through a secure point and track this back to the owner.


It goes without saying that having the ability to do this can be beneficial for several reasons. For example, should an incident ever occur, you will be able to track who was in a particular area at the time and get to the bottom of things much quicker.


Double up as personnel identification cards

Not only are ID card access control systems able to ensure that only authorised people are moving through specific areas of your property, but they can also provide an added layer of visual security too. More often than not, ID cards will be personalised with an image and the name of the owner, and they are frequently worn around the neck on a lanyard.


Should your premises be high-security and you have security guards at your entrance or CCTV systems throughout the building, requiring everyone on site to clearly display their personnel identification can help to ensure that no one unauthorised slips through your security systems.


Easy to activate and deactivate when required

When new employees start working on-site and you need to provide them with their own smart card, it is fairly inexpensive and incredibly straightforward to set them up on your access control system. They will be able to move around authorised areas in no time and you won’t have to worry about them forgetting pin codes and getting locked in or out of restricted areas.


You can trust that your ID card access control system will still be secure if a card is lost or stolen too. Thankfully, you can deactivate a specific employee’s card, meaning that it will no longer be able to gain access and it getting into unauthorised hands won’t cause problems.


Installing an ID card access control system

All in all, it is easy to see why so many choose to install a proximity access control system and it is fair to say that using ID cards as your access control cards is incredibly beneficial too. You can guarantee that this is a brilliant option to consider when using access control throughout your property. If you’re interested in installing an ID card access control system at your commercial premises, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at The EA Group.


Since being established back in 1985, we have been assisting people with both simple residential access control solutions and complex commercial access control systems, so no matter what your needs may be, we will be able to help. You can rely on us to help you increase the security and protect your property, and our experienced team will gladly work with you to create a bespoke system which will be planned and installed correctly, on-time and on budget.