Places You Can Expect To Find Turnstiles

Places You Can Expect To Find Turnstiles


Generally, turnstiles are simple mechanical barrier devices. They are usually designed to allow one pedestrian to pass through at a time and their tripod of arms makes this possible. There is no denying that turnstiles are known as a reliable access control solution for both staff and visitors in a range of different settings and, there are numerous benefits for opting for this type of access control system.


Turnstiles are often used to ensure that only authorised people are allowed access to particular areas but, they are much more versatile than people initially realise. If you’re wondering whether a turnstile access control system would be a suitable solution or your commercial building, keep reading today. Our team here at the EA Group have put together a list of places where you can expect to find turnstiles or that turnstiles would work incredibly well.


Train and tube stations or airports


These are probably some of the most common places that you can expect to find some form of turnstile access control system. Whilst they might not all use a traditional tripod of arms, they will all work in a very similar way.


Industries such as travel will use turnstiles to not only slow down the footfall and control the amount of traffic they can get at busy times but, they also use them to prevent piggybacking and tailgating. Typical turnstiles in these settings will require a specific ticket to allow access.


Theme parks and tourist attractions


You can also expect to find turnstile access control systems in theme parks and other similar tourist attractions. Due to the fact that they are notoriously difficult to jump or skip, they are effective in preventing unauthorised access.


In this particular setting, turnstiles are also used to keep track of how many people enter and exit the attraction or even ride each ride at a park. This can be incredibly useful information for the owners of these places and it is an extremely easy way to get accurate data.


Office and work buildings


It isn’t uncommon to see turnstile access control systems at the entrance of office/work buildings too. Usually, these turnstiles will require a valid form of identification to access the site, such as an ID card or a key fob.


You can get various turnstiles that suit a professional working environment, so not only will they increase safety by only allowing authorised entry, but they will look sleek and modern too. These turnstiles can also be integrated with other forms of security systems as well.


Leisure facilities and entertainment venues


Usually, you will find turnstiles in leisure facilities such as swimming pools and entertainment venues such as stadiums too. Again, in these particular locations, they are often used to control crowds and regulate the number of people who can move from one area to another at once.


These turnstile access control systems might not necessarily require a ticket or membership card to be presented, depending on the venue. However, if it is required then they usually benefit from anti-passback technology to prevent duplicate use of one ticket.


Installing turnstiles in your commercial building


Hopefully, you will now know how incredibly flexible turnstile access control systems are. It goes without saying that they can be a brilliant solution for a vast range of different commercial sectors and they often meet the many needs of those looking to control the access to specific buildings or areas of these buildings. So, it is worthwhile considering them as an option when deciding which type of access control system to choose.


If you have any questions about turnstile access control systems or you’re searching for a company that can design and install a system for you, please contact our team here at the EA Group. We have the experience required to assist you and you can trust that thanks to our expertise and knowledge we will always deliver. When you choose the EA Group, you can trust that our team of professionals will supply and install the perfect solution. So, get in touch today to find out more.