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Why All Businesses Should Use Gate Automation Systems


Perimeter security is very important for businesses of all sizes and installing things such as security fencing and entrance gates is one of the best ways to protect your property and your surrounding private land. Being able to control who is allowed on your premises is undeniably beneficial and perimeter security can help to prevent any unauthorised access from both vehicles and pedestrians.


When installing security gates, businesses will have to decide whether they’d like manual or automatic gates and it isn’t uncommon for budget to play a huge role in which they decide to install. Many businesses that are looking for the most affordable solution will end up installing manual gates, but whilst they can save you money, they aren’t always the best option available. Below we have looked into some of the main reasons why all businesses should use gate automation systems.


Make entering and exiting more convenient

Whether you’ve got swing gates, sliding gates or even bi-fold gates, there is no denying that having an automated system will make opening and closing these gates much easier. Authorised people will no longer have to get out of their vehicle in order to enter or exit your premises and it will be much more convenient to pass through your gates.


Of course, not requiring your members of staff and any visitors to physically open and close the gates can be a much safer solution as well and it can help to prevent common injuries that you may be liable for. With a wide range of different control options available to choose from as well, from radio transmitters to intercom systems, there is an automated solution available that is perfect for all businesses.


Enhance the security of your premises

By using a gate automation system, you will actually be making your business premises much more secure too and when compared to manual solutions, automatic gates are much more suitable for high-security locations. You will have increased control over who is entering and exiting your premises and people won’t simply be able to open the gates themselves.


When you upgrade your manual gates, you also reduce the likelihood of people being able to break onto your premises too. The majority of manual gates tend to come with a simple lock that is opened with a key or a code, but unfortunately, these are easy to pick and break, so it isn’t difficult for people to gain unlawful access to your premises. Automatic solutions can completely remove any worry in this regard.


Integrate an access control system

A huge percentage of businesses that have automatic gates will have an access control system integrated into this entrance solution. They will use keypad systems, ID card systems, hands-free systems or any other Paxton access control system to help them ensure that those who are entering their premises are authorised to do so.


Access control systems will release the locking mechanism on your gate for authorised people and deny access to anyone else, so you can trust that only those who are allowed to be on your property will be able to open the gates. For businesses that already have access control systems at their premises, it is possible to simply fit another reader to your gates, so there won’t be any disruption or inconvenience to you or your staff.


Upgrading to an automatic gate system

All in all, it is fair to say that if you currently have security gates at your business premises but they aren’t automated then it is definitely worthwhile looking into automation systems in more detail. There really are numerous benefits to having automatic gates at the entrance to your business premises and whilst your manual gates may be able to keep your premises protected, an upgrade is still almost always worthwhile.


When searching for bespoke automatic gate manufacturers that can supply you with new gates for your business premises, be sure to visit The EA Group website. We are Surrey’s leading company for automated commercial and industrial entrance gates, so you can trust that we are the best people to reach out to for assistance in this regard. If you’re interested in gate automation systems, we can help to design and install something that is perfect for your premises and that also meets all of your individual requirements. We look forward to helping you with your automatic entrance gates.