Designing A Turnstile Access Control System For Your Business

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When businesses are wanting to install pedestrian control barriers within their premises, tripod and rotary turnstiles are frequently used. These simple mechanical barrier devices are known for being a reliable entrance solution for both staff and visitors, and they provide businesses with increased control over who is allowed to access particular areas throughout their premises.


Due to their timeless popularity, there is now a comprehensive range of turnstiles to choose from and there really is a solution that encompasses the needs of all applications. More often than not, turnstile access control systems can even be customised to meet individual requirements and bespoke solutions aren’t uncommon. If you’re interested in installing turnstiles and you’d like to design a system specifically for your business, below are some useful things to consider to help you do so.


The main purpose of the turnstiles

Generally speaking, turnstiles are installed for one of two reasons; to control and slow the flow of foot traffic or to restrict pedestrian access to a particular area. Depending on your reasons for installing a turnstile access control system, you will likely find that you make different design choices and you need to think about whether your turnstiles’ main purpose is crowd control or restricting access, or if it is something else entirely.


The location of the turnstiles

It is important to know where the turnstiles are going to be installed before you start designing your system as, again, their location will directly influence your design choices. You may find that if you’re going to install turnstiles in various locations throughout the premises, your needs for each location will differ and therefore so will the turnstile design, and you should bear this in mind when choosing each location.


The height of the turnstiles

Whilst there is a range of different types of turnstiles to choose from, they all tend to be either; waist height turnstiles or full height turnstiles. Waist height is usually the most common design, however, full height works better when a higher level of security is required and tailgating needs to be prevented. Consider the purpose and location of your turnstiles before deciding which height is most suitable for your turnstile access control system.


The control system of the turnstiles

All tripod turnstiles can either be manual or automatic and if you’re wanting an automatic system, you need to think about the type of access control software you’re going to use. Turnstiles can be designed to be controlled using all common forms of access control, including; proximity, swipe card, barcode scanner, biometrics and coin/token/ticket. Look into all of these options and decide which would be most convenient for your application.


The aesthetics of the turnstiles

Depending on where you’re installing your turnstiles, their appearance might be important. Think about whether their design needs to be architecturally acceptable or if there are any specific requirements for the overall look of the turnstiles. There are a number of different finish options available to consider too, such as; powder-coated steel and brushed or polished stainless steel, and you need to choose which will be best for your premises.


If aesthetics are really important, consider options like glass pass turnstiles that feature rotating glass wings instead of metal rods. This design provides the same protection as comparable rotary turnstiles, but it is just far more aesthetically pleasing.


Investing in a turnstile access control system

When you’re wanting to install a bespoke turnstile access control system at your business premises, hopefully, the information above will be beneficial. Thinking about all of these different points should help you to design a system that meets all of your individual needs, whatever they may be. To find out more about turnstiles and installing a bespoke system, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at The EA Group.


We provide a wide range of turnstile solutions that offer fast, secure and reliable access control to a business premises and we will happily help you to design a system that’s perfect for your intended use. If you choose an EA turnstile system to manage your pedestrian flow, you can be confident that it will be designed and manufactured under the strictest controls, and that it will meet all European and International standards. We look forward to assisting you further with your turnstile access control system.