The Advantages Of Automatic Number Plate Recognition

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In this day and age, cyber threats to businesses are so prominent and physical threats are sometimes cast aside and deemed as less important. It is still vital for companies to think about and prepare for these physical threats and a huge part of this is ensuring that the perimeter of the premises is protected.

The evolution of technology has enabled security solutions to develop so, there are now multiple solutions available that all provide numerous benefits to the user. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology is now the first choice for many businesses looking for suitable perimeter protection. If you have been considering this security solution yourself then keep reading today, the EA Group have put together a list of irresistible benefits of ANPR for any business owner.


24/7 monitoring

Unlike other car park barrier systems, an automatic number plate recognition system will allow you to not only protect your car park, but monitor the access too. With ANPR cameras, you will have eyes on your car park 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will know exactly who has entered your premises, the time they enter and also the time they leave. This can be incredibly helpful in many situations.


Easy and efficient

While installing a heavy-duty security gate or having a manual check system is an effective deterrent against intruders, they can both be incredibly time-consuming for businesses. It is always important to consider how easy it is for people you want to grant access to, such as employees ad delivery vehicles, to get in and out. Thankfully, an ANPR system is incredibly easy and efficient, people can come and go as required without you needing to do anything, but you will still know who has entered your premises.



As well as being easier and more efficient, ANPR technology is also one of the most cost-effective solutions for managing your car park. You will be able to cut costs and reduce the need for security personnel when you choose this smart solution. Many companies will also issue fines to anyone picked up by their ANPR system that shouldn’t be on their private property or anyone that has exceeded the maximum time limit. This can bring in extra money for the company and may even end up paying for this security solution.


Stand alone

Unlike the majority of other automatic car park barriers, ANPR cameras can operate in a way where all information is entirely processed on board so that no extra computers, or software licenses, are needed. These cameras also have optical character recognition software embedded which enables all images to be analysed directly on board the ANPR camera. Due to them being stand-alone solutions, ANPR cameras are quick, safe and light to install.


Provides evidence

Similarly to CCTV, automatic number plate recognition systems can provide you with the details regarding when someone was at your premises, whenever they are required. The images taken by this camera can be used as evidence and can provide valuable information that can be used in investigations. You can easily prove when the vehicle in question was on your premises and it will be all the hard evidence you need.


Installing automatic number plate recognition

All in all, ANPR systems are incredibly useful security solutions and many would say that they are the best solution for company car parks. Many companies are moving away from automatic gate systems and solely using automatic number plate recognition to ensure that all vehicles in their car park have permission to be there.

When searching for a reliable company that can install your ANPR system for you, turn to the EA Group. We have many years of experience providing automatic number plate recognition systems and solutions to police, civilian and commercial users. Our team of engineers is able to design ANPR camera systems that can meet your specific needs. If you’d like to find out more about utilising cutting-edge ANPR technology in your business, get in touch today.