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Security Methods For Your Company Car Park

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Even though it isn’t required, many companies will supply onsite car parking for their employees and this can be a huge benefit. Often, employees will be informed that their car and any belongings will be kept in these car parks at their own risk, but this doesn’t prevent anger if the theft was to take place. For this reason, many employers will choose to adopt various security methods.

There is a huge range of car park security methods on the market currently and if you’re searching for a solution to install in your company car park, then you may be spoilt for choice. To help anyone in this situation, the EA Group have put together a list of the three most frequently used security methods for commercial premises.


Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)

ANPR cameras are quickly becoming the most popular security solution used in private car parks. These are all in one camera systems that have built-in optical character recognition software to perform automatic plate reading. When installing these cameras you will know which vehicles enter your car park, what time they arrive and also when they leave.

This security method works very well in private company car parks because you can easily spot number plates that don’t belong to any of your employees. You will automatically be able to see when unauthorised people are using your car park and if you wish to, issue a parking charge notice to prevent them returning.


Car park barriers

Car park barriers have been used in private car parks for many years now and they are an incredibly reliable solution. You can get multiple variations of these barriers and these days, the most common is probably the automatic car park barrier. Different companies will choose for their automatic barriers to open at different times and this is something you can decide yourself.

This car park security solution is brilliant for business properties as it physically stops any unauthorised cars from entering. You can monitor who has access to your car park and sometimes even the times that they can enter through these barriers too. It gives you complete control over your private land.


Automatic security bollards

Security bollards are the answer to the most demanding requirements in terms of access control and impact resistance. They work in a similar way to car park barriers but will provide you with additional security as there is no way to get past them in a vehicle. These bollards sink into the ground when indicated to by remote control device, clearing the way for traffic. They will then rise back once the vehicle has passed through.

This solution isn’t as common for company car parks as the other two mentioned above, however, depending on your car park and its location they may be the best solution available. Security bollards will give you control over who enters your private car park and will allow you to decide when people can enter.

Choosing a security method for your car park

All of the security methods mentioned above have their own unique benefits and different companies will favour different methods. No matter which one you choose, whether it is a car park barrier entry system or automatic number plate recognition system you can trust that it will be a step in the right direction to making your car park safer.

If you’re searching for a trustworthy company that can provide you with any of the methods mentioned above along with other systems too, such as security gates, then visit the EA Group website. Our experienced team will be able to provide you with their professional opinion regarding which security solution would work best in your company car park. They will then be able to create and install your security method for you and help you to gain back control of your private property.