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Automating your business’ doors


Automatic doors are commonplace in many offices and commercial spaces across Britain. They allow for easier, more accessible and in many cases safer access to a building. However, if you don’t already have automatic doors at your business, installing them can seem like a challenging prospect especially if you don’t know what to look for.

We’re here to tell you that now’s the perfect time to consider automating your business’ doors. Due to the pandemic, businesses need to consider footfall congestion far more than in previous years. The benefits to upgrading external and internal doors around your premise to an automatic solution are numerous and today we’ll explain just a few of them.

Reduce congestion and improve safety

Opening and closing doors manually greatly increases the potential to spread infection, especially in busy office environments that could have hundreds entering and exiting each day. Automatic doors help to negate this risk as they require minimal manual user input. For greater security, consider integrating your automatic doors with our access control systems.

Our doors allow you to reduce congestion in your entryway, reception area or any other location around your site. They allow people to enjoy a faster way to travel and reduce crowds throughout your business.

All our automatic doors also come equipped with a range of safety devices. They can come equipped with a self-charging battery pack that ensures normal operation of the door within 30 minutes upon power failure. Additionally, security is maintained through an electro-mechanical locking system for night security.

We can also offer hermetically sealing sliding doors that have been specifically designed for use in areas where hygiene and the control of air leakage is critical. These doors are used throughout hospitals and medical centres in the UK.

Create a more visually appealing entrance

The appearance of the entrance to your business has an impact that can’t be overstated. First impressions are important to prospective customers or potential new recruits alike. Creating a more aesthetically pleasing entryway is far easier when you have bespoke craftsmanship and modern materials at your disposal.

Our sliding doors are all design engineered specifically for the unique needs of your business’ premise. The EA1000 sliding door is our most popular choice and has been used in commercial spaces around the country, as well as in airports, stations, business centres and sites around the public sector. The EA 1000 is known for its high quality and reliability. We also offer curved sliding doors for a more unique entranceway or for those that have specific design requirements.

Create a comfortable welcome while saving money

Creating a welcoming space for guests and staff isn’t just about the visual element. It’s also about providing an environment that makes them feel comfortable. Manual doors have a tendency to be left open, especially in retail spaces or other areas with high footfall. This is not only likely to create a less pleasant indoor temperature, but also to hike up your energy bill.

For more solutions that can save on your energy bill while making for a more stylish entry, why not check out our range of revolving doors?

Prioritise accessibility

The first priority for many of our clients in the public sector or the transportation industry is accessibility. All people need to be able to access your site as smoothly as possible.

Accessibility should now be on the mind of every business owner as well. You need to guarantee that no matter someone’s level of mobility they can access your business with ease. Automatic doors mean that anyone can easily get inside without lifting a finger. This doesn’t just extend to people with disabilities, but also children and people carrying items as well.

User-friendliness is crucial to all our solutions at EA Group. You can adjust 37 different presets including the speed of door closing, or whether you want your door to be able to open half way. Our doors have been tested up to 3,000,000 complete sliding operations, so they won’t let you down.

Welcome more customers

In the retail space it can be difficult to stand head and shoulders above the competition. An automatic door could genuinely be the edge you need over your local rivals. A recent study showed that ease of navigation around a shop floor was one of the highest priorities, which is made easier by an entry solution that reduces crowding and congestion.

The modern design and ease of access provided by our automatic doors sets your business apart on a visual level. Similarly, if a door opens automatically as a customer walks past, they are indirectly more likely to take a second look inside.

For more information about any of our automatic sliding doors or revolving doors, get in touch. We’ll be happy to conduct a survey of your site and recommend solutions that can help. You can reach us here at 01372 459536