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What to look for in a revolving door system


A revolving door is a brilliant way to create both a stunning visual presence and a smoother way for visitors and staff to enter your premises. Revolving doors have a number of benefits over more traditional entry solutions.

Revolving doors are the ideal entry solution for the current environment where controlled entry is just as important as easy entry. Not only are they stylish but are also energy efficient which allows you to maintain a comfortable environment within your business. With a revolving door, it’s difficult for conditioned air to be let out and outside air to be let in. They are also ideal for creating a one-way-system throughout your business.

At EA Group we can offer businesses a wide range of revolving doors, each suiting a different environment. We know it can be difficult to know which specific solution is right for your business, which is why we’ve created today’s blog. Here we’ll cover some of the major requirements that businesses have from their revolving door, and which door is right for you.

Create a great visual impact

We know that one of the main reasons behind installing any new entry solution is their visual appeal. Especially for business centres, commercial spaces and anywhere to do with professional services, your business needs to have a great first impression. A revolving door provides that with a grand appearance that will keep its impressive visual impact for years to come.

In terms of which door creates the best visual impression, it depends on the appearance of your building. Our all glass revolving doors are some of the most popular available today and for good reason. Not only does the glass provide an ultra-modern appearance, but it also lets the most light into your building, creating a more appealing visual inside and out.

Accommodate varying levels of traffic

Revolving doors are used by a wide variety of different industries. Many of these, including the transportation sector require a solution that can allow many people to access your premise in a safe and organised way. High-capacity revolving doors are the perfect solution here.

One of the first things you need to consider when choosing a revolving door is the capacity it will have to support. Our standard capacity doors, such as the all glass solutions we mentioned earlier can support roughly up to 38 people a minute per door. If you require a higher capacity, we recommend installing multiple doors, or considering one of our high-capacity revolving doors. These two wing doors allow for an even higher flow of people. These solutions are ideal for airports, stations and indoor event venues.

This should also inform your decision on the number of wings you choose for your revolving door. To allow for a more comfortable entry experience a three-wing door is perfect.

Create a more accessible entrance

It’s important to accommodate all people when creating an entrance for your business. Our revolving doors can be customised and augmented to create a safe and convenient entrance for anyone.

Alongside manual revolving doors we can also include systems with power assisted drives that require minimal physical force to operate. We can also install automatic sliding doors alongside manual ones, both created bespoke to fit your entrance to the millimetre. This allows wheelchair users and those with other accessibility needs to access your premise with ease, without sacrificing the visual appeal of your entrance.

Despite the accessibility of our entrance solutions, we never fall short on security. Our revolving doors can integrate seamlessly alongside access control solutions and our expert team can advise on how your entrance solution can work alongside CCTV.

Our framed revolving doors can also be equipped with manual night sliding security doors and panic breakout options to further improve security.

Create a comfortable and inviting environment

A revolving door’s job doesn’t end once a visitor has passed through them. They provide just as much impact to the interior of your space as they do to the outside. One of the main purposes of a revolving door is to be energy efficient. This is naturally best achieved with one of our manual revolving doors, but they can also reduce your heating bill.

Using a four-wing revolving door reduces the amount of outside air allowed in to your premise. This means that less conditioned air from inside can escape, creating a much more comfortable internal temperature for a fraction of the cost. Many of our revolving doors are also designed and Made in Britain. This reduces their carbon footprint from manufacture to installation and means that any maintenance or replacement parts can be provided very quickly.

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