Revolving door blog

Which revolving door is right for you?


First impressions count. When visitors enter your site, you want them to feel welcome and safe. Efficient entry and exit is a big plus. If they’re impressed by the aesthetics of your site, that’s a bonus too. Why do we mention these things? Because revolving doors achieve all of them!

You might be surprised by how much variety there is to revolving doors. We want to help you understand the options, so you end up with the solution you need.

We think we’re well placed to guide you through this. Here at EA, we’re one of the UK’s market leaders in revolving doors. Over the years we’ve provided revolving doors of all types and sizes to a huge range of organisations, from residential properties to corporate HQs to airports.  

Every business has its own unique needs when it comes to revolving doors. That’s why we offer such a range. We’ll walk you through some of these here. But first, we’ll answer a burning question …

What’s the benefit of revolving doors?

1.     Aesthetics

Revolving doors just look impressive and project an image of professionalism success. Maybe it’s their association with luxury hotels and corporate HQs?

2.     People flow

Whenever you’re choosing a door for a building, one of the biggest considerations is what we call people flow. What is people flow? It’s simply how people move within and between buildings. Think traffic, but on-foot and in buildings. As with traffic flow, good people flow means free movement, but at a safe and orderly speed.

This brings us to revolving doors. They are truly superb for people flow. Not only do they allow more efficient, high-volume entry and exit. They also keep speeds and flow safe, creating a natural one-way system.  

3.     Energy efficiency

Did you know that revolving doors are great for energy efficiency and temperature preservation? That’s because they create a seal, which keeps conditioned air in and outside air out.

4.     Security

Revolving doors also offer security benefits, because they allow your CCTV to capture clear footage of everyone who enters your site. That’s thanks to their orderly management of people flow. We can optionally add sliding security doors over the front of your revolving doors at night.

So those are some of the benefits. What about different types of revolving doors? That’s what we’ll showcase next.

Automatic or manual revolving doors – what’s best?

One big consideration is whether you want automatic or manual revolving doors. Each has its advantages. Manual doors are a more affordable option, but from EA they’re still the highest quality. We can also provide speed control to reduce the risk of accidents. 

Automatic revolving doors offer that little bit more luxury. Their safe, hands-free operation also adds convenience. This is why they’re often a preference for five-star hotels and major corporates. We offer these in a range of stylings to match your building and aesthetic preferences.

Who’s using your revolving doors?

This is another big question that may determine your choice. Manual doors are a reliable, affordable option. But what if some users don’t have the strength to operate it?

Our power-assisted doors could be the answer here. They’re an excellent compromise in price and operation between manual and automatic doors. The user stars by pushing. As soon as they stop, the door “takes over” at a gentle, safe speed.

This is great for locations where accessibility is a concern, like care homes and healthcare settings. Power-assisted revolving doors are also great at sites that cater for people with a wide range of ages and physical conditions, like transport hubs and retail.

What capacity do you need for revolving doors?

Another big consideration is capacity. Basic revolving doors are great for single-person entry. But what if that’s too slow for the footfall your site sees? Or what if people are regularly carrying large and heavy items through? If they can’t fit those in, you’ve got a problem.

Our high-capacity automatic doors are designed with larger compartments to offer more space. This makes them great for sites with a very high footfall, simply because more people can enter and exit at a time. We have also installed these at airports and busy hotels, because they allow you to carry bulky luggage.

What finishes are available for revolving doors?

Aesthetics matter. Any public-facing part of your business has to look right and project the image you want people to see. Your doors are no exception, and that’s why we offer multiple different stylings. This enables us to match the aesthetics of your site.

For instance, in corporate environments and offices we often install all-glass revolving doors. These are a great match for all-glass buildings, and let in plenty of natural light. That’s in addition to a whole host of other finishes, from ultra-modern to traditional.

Choosing EA for revolving doors

We hope this has been a useful overview of your revolving door options. There’s a vast array of choices, and it’s so important to choose the right one. With our expertise, we can help you get there.

We will consult you from day one on your needs and the nature of your site, and find a solution that matches. When it comes to service, we believe it’s our job to be flexible, not yours. If for any reason your building doesn’t support revolving doors, we can even construct frames to house them.

Whatever we provide, it’s always of the highest quality, putting our customers’ needs first. To bring all these benefits to your site, get in touch today.