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Entry and security systems for coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular. With the rise of flexible working, many teams are now seeing the great opportunities that can arise when you don’t have a fixed desk. There is now a lot of competition between coworking spaces in cities for who can provide the trendiest, best- stocked site. At EA Group we think creating a warm welcome is a huge part of this.

Coworking spaces are high traffic environments which need to be kept safe and secure. You need to be able to accurately and easily differentiate between the access levels of your own staff, your guests and unauthorised entrants.

Thankfully, at EA Group we’re here to help. This blog will take a closer look at the systems and features that can protect your coworking space and keep your members happy.

Create the perfect entrance

In a rapidly developing and competitive industry like coworking spaces, your business needs to immediately stand out. Of course your marketing is important here but so is your building itself. 63% of consumers say they are likely to check out a business through Google Maps before visiting, and this is no exception for coworking spaces. Ensuring your site has an aesthetically pleasing entrance is a great way to make a good first impression.

This is where our range of doors can support your business. We offer automatic sliding doors and revolving doors featuring a wide range of styles and mechanisms. The first thing you need to consider when choosing a door is accessibility. Your site needs to offer a warm welcome to any visitor no matter their level of mobility. That’s why we recommend using a combination of sliding and revolving doors with power assisted drives to accommodate for all guests. These both can be reinforced and secured with access control measures.

Revolving doors especially can have a huge impact on your environment. We constantly have to measure the internal temperature of buildings to ensure they are comfortable to work in. Revolving doors stop the escape of conditioned air and protect from the outside elements. Keeping your guests comfortable while reducing your carbon footprint.

Secure and reassure your members

Working somewhere new is always a slightly challenging experience. Your goal as a coworking space should be to make this experience as relaxing and productive as possible to keep visitors coming back time and again.

Security is a huge part of this. You need to implement a solution that keeps members, and their possessions, safe. This is where our range of speed gates can help.

Speed gates are the step above the turnstiles you’re used to seeing at stations, events and other businesses for decades. They are ergonomically designed for quick access from authorised users, while blocking any tailgaters or unauthorised entrants. We can customise the style of your speed gates, from lanes that swing open, to two panels that retract into the gate’s body. Naturally, they also come in large gate models to allow easy disabled access.

We’ve used speed gates in the education sector for years now. They allow users to feel safe while on site, and can also be used to track attendance in case of an emergency.

Protect your site

Keeping your coworking space secure is of course important for your guests. As a business though you need to make sure that no unauthorised people are using your space without paying for it.

This is where you need a robust security and access control system. This not only reassures customers that your site is safe, but it also protects your bottom line. Access control can be heavily customised to suit your specific needs in terms of both security and aesthetics. All our doors and speed gates can be opened using our access control systems. These include biometrics, swipe cards, access tokens and more. This means there’s no issue around providing keys for your customers, but it still improves your security.

We know in coworking spaces there are likely areas where different levels of access are required. Our service allows you to keep staff only areas secure, even including access logs that show if any attempts have been made to force a door.

Having a CCTV presence is also crucial. CCTV has come a long way in recent years. It can now act as an effective deterrent, but also as a genuine way to ensure your peace of mind. Unlike older systems, our CCTV services can be monitored remotely, and can even send alerts to your smartphone if a camera is triggered out-of-hours.  

Whether you need a simple intercom, or a fully fledged security solution, EA Group are here to help.

For more information about our systems mentioned here or if you have any questions that we haven’t managed to answer here, get in touch at +44 (0) 1372 459536. Check out our other blogs for more tips about how your business can make the most of these services.