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How to take advantage of the latest CCTV systems


CCTV has come a long way in the past 20 years. Aside from mobile phones, there isn’t another service that has seen such rapid development in its capabilities and usefulness. At EA Group, we’ve seen this development first-hand.

Cameras previously only provided grainy black-and-white footage, where making out a face was almost impossible. Storage was an issue too. Video files used to take up masses of space, meaning it was inefficient or impossible to keep complete records. Things have changed now.

Modern CCTV services from the world’s leading security companies unlock a variety of new security benefits. These are all now available from EA, from night-vision to infrared cameras that detect body temperature. These features aren’t right for every industry but can be invaluable for teams in sectors like transportation. In today’s blog we’ll cover just a few of the benefits that adopting new CCTV services can provide for businesses.

Security benefits

We’ll start with the obvious one. Before any of the added extras a CCTV solution needs to improve your site’s security. Protecting people and assets around your site has to be a priority and we can help make this happen. Our solutions feature HD video and can include a colour display. Dome security cameras feature a wider range of motion for greater coverage in indoor spaces. Bullet cameras are more rugged and are ideal for maintaining a clear view of outdoor areas. Integrating these cameras into a single system means you’ll never miss a thing.

For over 30 years from our Surrey base, we have built an enviable position within the industry as a specialised company with the nationwide resources to offer a full and comprehensive CCTV design, supply, installation, service support and maintenance.

Remote monitoring

For many businesses, the days of the security control room are over. There’s a need for greater flexibility now and the ability to monitor your security feed can be invaluable.

Our systems can be bundled alongside a remote monitoring app. This allows you to check the camera feeds of multiple sites from home or anywhere with an internet connection. You can even add alerts when a camera is triggered. This of course has great benefits for security and improves response times during incidents, but it’s also convenient. Remote monitoring from a device of your choice allows you to check whether a delivery has been dropped off or if the bins have been taken out. Sometimes the little things are the most important.


Most businesses need to have expansion in the back of their minds when they install new technology. You need to make sure whichever solution you use can support you for years to come. Our CCTV can do exactly this.

As your business expands to new sites, new cameras can be added to your existing network. This is all supported by our project management team. We’ll always make sure that when we install cameras there is plenty of capacity for future upgrades. Our cameras also integrate with access control and intrusion detection systems. This means that as your business grows your security can match it, all provided and maintained by a single supplier.


Different areas of your business naturally call for different security solutions. It’s important that more specialist services don’t work in isolation and can be monitored easily alongside the rest of your network. You may already use ANPR cameras for your car park or site entrance, but if not now is the perfect time to start.

ANPR cameras automatically log the number plate of every vehicle that enters your premise. This can be used for parking charges, but also for attendance logging or for security purposes. Our ANPR cameras integrate seamlessly with the rest of your network to create one complete solution.

Industry specific features

At EA Group we’ve provided security services to a huge range of industries, from business centres and retail spaces to high security financial institutions. While some features are always a must, such as a discreet appearance and clear video quality. There are also unique features that are necessary for some industries. Luckily, we can help here too.

We can offer covert cameras for maximum security with a layer of added subtlety. For the retail sector reducing the spread of infection is crucial to protect guests and staff. Temperature scanners are time consuming to use and create congestion. Our infrared cameras scan skin surface temperature in less than half a second, quickly flagging any anomalies and allowing your ream to react quickly.

Cameras selected by EA Group are designed to look good wherever you position them. The modern housing and the discreet colours blend in perfectly with any environment, whether it is ultramodern or has a more traditional décor.

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