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The Benefits of Car Park Barriers


Various car park barriers are a very common sight that you will see when you visit large businesses, properties, residential flats or multi-storey car parks. If you have your own business car park connected to your property then you have probably considered installing barriers to the entrance of this car park.

For some, they may seem like a pointless expense, however, there are in fact many benefits to installing barriers on any kind of car park. The EA Group have put together a list of the benefits of car park barrier entry systems for you to see exactly why they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Creates a safer space

If you own or manage a car park, one of the biggest worries is keeping it secure. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for cars to be broken into when parked up in a car park and people using your car park, whether they are paying to park or not, will want to feel safe parking there.

Car park barriers have been proven to be a deterrent for break-ins and also vandalism. Depending on the security system you choose, you may also be able to see who is parked on-site and identify anyone who attempts to cause problems in your car park. Today, automatic barriers can be used almost anywhere, they are a useful addition to any property to add an additional layer of security.

Stops unauthorised parking

There is nothing more frustrating than turning up to your work car park and there being no spaces left or going to leave and being blocked in by someone who doesn’t even work for your company. An automatic car park barrier can prevent both of these things.

The look of a car park barrier is usually enough to put someone off attempting to park in your car park. However, you can ensure that anyone who doesn’t work in your for your company is unable to enter if you opt for an automatic barrier that works with number plate recognition or that requires a fob to be opened. With so many options available you are guaranteed to stop unauthorised parking.

Prevents overfilling

Your barriers can also prevent your car park from overfilling, this ties in with preventing unauthorised access. You can get car park automatic barriers that will calculate how many cars are in the car park at any one time and only allow in additional cars if there is space. When the car park is full, it will turn into a one-out, one-in process.

Preventing overfilling can be extremely important in emergency situations. Having room in your car park can prevent a major hazard in the event of a fire or another emergency. If there are cars blocking the car park then emergency services won’t be able to access the area, making the situation potentially fatal.

Prevents misuse

Sometimes, if your car park is situated in a busy town centre or, is in a convenient place for people to use to turn around in or as a shortcut then you can experience a lot of through traffic. Not only is this incredibly frustrating but, it is also very dangerous and can cause unnecessary levels of traffic in your car park.

By installing a barrier entry system you can prevent this danger and inconvenience completely. Fewer hazards and accidents tend to occur when you invest in a car park barrier and you can avoid any form of through traffic. It is a definite way to keep any unwanted cars out of your private car park.

About EA Group

If you think that installing a car park barrier system is the best solution for your company then get in touch with the EA Group today. With so many different types of barriers to choose from our experienced team can ensure that you are installing the best barrier for your needs and requirements, whether that may be a rising arm barrier or a swing gate. You can trust that any barrier designed and installed by the EA Group will be of high quality and made to last.