The Different Types Of Access Control Systems

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Access control is a general term that is used in the security industry that refers to an electronic method of controlling who is able to pass through a secured point. Nowadays, access control systems are incredibly popular amongst business owners and there are so many benefits to having a comprehensive system installed at your premises. There is no denying that they are an incredibly versatile security solution too and they are easily able to meet the needs of a wide range of industry sectors.


Whether you’re looking into access control systems for your office building or your gym franchise, you will have lots to think about when designing a system that is able to meet your individual needs. One thing that is undeniably important to consider is how authorised people will gain access to restricted areas. Nowadays, you have multiple options in this regard and as you may expect, there are pros and cons to all of them. So, to help anyone looking into access control systems, below are some of the most popular options available.


ID card access control

This access control solution is one of the most commonly chosen, especially in office building environments. All employees will have an ID card that enables them to enter the areas that they are authorised to access and each employee’s card will be different. For any businesses that already have ID cards, this is a brilliant option and can simply replace their current cards. Of course, the only downside is that personalised ID cards can’t be reused.


Key fob access control

Many business owners will opt for key fobs for their access control systems as they are seen to be one of the most convenient options. Employees will have a small fob, which can often be put on their keys or lanyard, which enables them to gain access to any authorised spaces. Simply present the key fob close to a reader device to release the locking mechanism. The only downside to these fobs is that some employees may lose them, which poses problems.


Pin entry access control

It goes without saying that pin codes have been used for many years in such a vast range of applications and they are a brilliant option to consider. With a pin entry access control system, employees will simply need to enter the correct code in order to gain access to a particular space. Whilst many like this option because it doesn’t require cards or fobs, if you have lots of different secure areas you will need multiple codes and this isn’t always easy to remember.


Intercom access control

Whilst this option isn’t necessarily as versatile, it can be brilliant for those who are only wanting an access control solution for the main entrance. It is likely that you’re already familiar with the way that intercom systems work and of course, they won’t require your employees to have cards/fobs or remember any codes. The only downside is that they don’t always work if you want access control in different areas inside your building.


Number plate access control ANPR

Again, depending on the type of access control you’re looking for, this may not be a suitable option, but it is worth knowing about. Number plate access control is brilliant for private car parks and any businesses who want to prevent unauthorised use of this space. This is another option that doesn’t require your employees to do anything, which is beneficial. However, it is only suitable for outdoor access control.

Installing an access control system at your premises

Hopefully, now that you’re aware of the different options available to you when designing your access control system, you will find it easier to choose which will be most suitable for your individual application. Of course, this is quite a big decision to make and one that will affect everyone who works on your premises, so take your time to carefully consider all available options and if you’re looking for a professional opinion, don’t hesitate to ask for one.

Whether you’re looking for an effective crowd control method or you need a convenient access control solution, you can trust that there will be a perfect system for you. If you have any questions at all or if you’d like to discuss your access control needs in more detail, don’t hesitate to contact us today.