Revolving Doors made in the UK

EA Group launch a British Made All Glass Revolving Door

Our British Made All-Glass Revolving Door

EA Group are delighted to announce the launch of their British made, new All Glass Revolving Door.

EA Group have taken the initiative and developed an all new Glass Revolving Door which is manufactured in Great Britain, enabling the company to have the quickest possible lead-times, most competitive pricing, and reduces the carbon footprint of delivery from our British production facility to sites within the UK and Ireland.

Our new all-glass revolving door can either be constructed almost entirely from glass with only stainless steel patch fixings to secure the glass panels together. Or with a thin edging frame, offered in choices of polished or brushed stainless steel, brass or bronze finishes or PPC to match any RAL colour.

From research with architects and designers, we have made our new all-glass revolving door available in sizes of one millimeter increments, in both width and height, at no additional bespoke penalty cost. This new all-glass revolving door will now be designed and manufactured in Britain, specifically to fit the aperture requirements of a building.

By manufacturing our own door within Great Britain, we are further able to meet the design aspirations of our clients, specific to the finest detailing and delivering exceptional results, all within tighter timelines.

Within the first few months of its manufacture, EA Group have been able to deliver and install several client orders of the new All-Glass Revolving Door, including: The prestigious One Springfield Drive office development in Surrey (pictured above).

With more installations of our new all-glass revolving door within the immediate pipeline, and new variations of this door due to be released during Q3 and Q4 of 2017, EA Group are very positive for the future of our British made door.

More images and updated information will be published on our All-Glass Revolving Door web page.

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