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Frequently Sought After Business Entrance Access Solutions

When you own a business premises, it goes without saying that you will require some form of entrance solution to control who accesses your property and to manage the foot traffic moving through your building. Often, simply leaving the entrance door propped open and allowing anyone to walk into the property isn’t convenient for business owners and it is no surprise that many end up installing an entrance access solution.


These days, there are a number of different entrance control solutions to choose from and you won’t struggle to find something that is perfect for your business property. If you’re wanting to upgrade your entrance and you’re wondering what some of the most commonly used entrance access solutions are, keep reading today. Below we have looked into the frequently sought after solutions and what makes them so popular amongst business owners.


Automatic doors

It is fair to say that automatic doors are probably the entrance solution that is installed the most and they are a brilliant option for all business properties. Whether you choose to install sliding doors, swinging doors or revolving doors, you will have a smoother flow of people entering and exiting your building, and they are incredibly convenient for all visitors too.


The majority of automatic doors have environmental benefits as well and they can help to increase the energy efficiency of your building. In addition to this, this entrance access solution is aesthetically pleasing and automatic doors make an inviting impression. There is a huge range of designs, and even bespoke solutions, available when you install automatic doors, so you won’t struggle to find something that perfectly complements your business property.



Another commonly seen entrance control solution is turnstiles and they are used in a range of commercial buildings. With both traditional tripod turnstiles and glass passes available, not to mention both half height and full height designs, all business owners are easily able to find a solution that meets their individual needs in terms of style and functionality.


All turnstiles provide reliable entry control for visitors and they only allow one person to pass through at once, so this entrance access solution is commonly used to manage people flow and prevent mass entry into a building. It isn’t uncommon for business owners to integrate security access control systems into their turnstiles too and to require visitors to present proximity or swipe cards, coins, tokens or tickets in order to gain entry to their property.



Many business owners use speedgates at the entrance of their property and they will also help to smooth the flow of people entering a building. There are swing lanes, slide lanes and swing gates available when you’re wanting to install speedgates and all of these feature glass or plastic panels, providing a contemporary and minimalist look.


No matter which design of speedgate you choose, they will also only allow one person to pass through at once but they tend to have a high traffic flow capacity, making them more suitable for busy buildings. Speedgates can be controlled in either manual or automatic modes and they can operate in two ways; either normally closed or normally open. This entrance access solution also allows for a more accurate verifiable count of attendance.


Deciding which entrance access solutions to use at your property

Whenever you’re wanting to install new entrance access solutions at your business property, you really will have a number of brilliant options to choose from. Hopefully, knowing what some of the most frequently sought after solutions are will help you to narrow down the vast market and ensure that you’re installing the most suitable solutions at your building. So, take some time to look into all of the options mentioned above in more detail.


If you’d like a professional opinion from an experienced company regarding which entrance access solutions would be best for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact our team here at The EA Group. We have been synonymous over the years with the art of making an entrance and you can trust that we have the knowledge and expertise required to provide you with the advice you’re looking for. In addition to this, we support a wide range of products and services, so no matter which solution you choose we can design and install the perfect entrance system for you too. You can trust that you’re in the best hands with our team.