Montrose House Heritage Gates before refurbishment

Why All Homeowners Should Consider Installing Driveway Security Gates

Having a private drive is very important to a lot of homeowners, especially when they own more than one car, and it goes without saying that this extra outdoor space is incredibly convenient. You may have noticed that it is becoming increasingly common for homeowners who do have a drive to install entrance gates at the end of this ‘front garden’ too and whilst driveway gates used to be associated with wealth and luxury, they aren’t an uncommon sight these days.


Surprisingly to some, there are actually a number of benefits to installing driveway security gates and they aren’t just a clear way of showing where the boundary of your property is. If you’ve been contemplating investing in automatic entrance gates and you’re wondering what the benefits of doing so are, keep reading today. Below we have put together a list of reasons why all homeowners should consider installing driveway security gates.


They increase your security

This is probably one of the biggest benefits to driveway gates and they really can provide your property with an additional layer of security. Once they’re installed, these gates will be an effective barrier between your home and passersby, and they will prevent anyone from being able to come onto your property without permission. You may also find that driveway security gates deter opportunist criminals too and your home will generally be much safer.


They enhance your privacy

Not only will entrance gates make your property more secure, but they will also make it much more private too. When you opt for something like wooden gates which have a solid panel design, no one will be able to peep through your gates and into your home. This can be particularly beneficial if you have a front or side garden that you frequently spend time in, or even large windows at the front of your home. Nosey neighbours will no longer be a concern.


They improve your kerb appeal

It is fair to say that driveway security gates can also dramatically improve your home’s kerb appeal and they will make your property as a whole more aesthetically pleasing. With so many different gate designs available, whether you opt for wooden or metal gates, it isn’t difficult to find something that perfectly complements the style of your property and its surroundings. Of course, decorative gates can help to ensure your home makes a good first impression too.


They are convenient to use

Even though driveway security gates create a barrier between the road at your home, they won’t make it inconvenient for you to access your drive. When you opt for automatic gates, you will have a number of operating and control options to choose from, such as radio transmitters, intercoms and keypads, and your access control solution can be tailored to your needs. You won’t ever have to worry about forgetting to close the gate behind you either.


They can be cost-effective

Some homeowners find that installing driveway security gates reduces the cost of their home insurance as providers now offer them lower premiums because their property is more secure. In addition to this, when you opt for a timeless gate design and you keep your high-quality gates well maintained, you can expect them to add value to your property as well. So, whilst there is an upfront cost to installing a driveway gate, they’re often very cost-effective in the long run.


Installing driveway security gates at your home

Ultimately, if you have a private drive at your property then it is undeniably worthwhile considering installing automatic gates at the entrance to your home. It is fair to say that there really are a number of compelling benefits to doing so and a simple pair of gates can make such a big difference to your property. Whether you opt for sliding gates or swinging gates, you can trust that they will be a brilliant addition to your home.


To speak to an experienced company about installing driveway security gates in more detail, don’t hesitate to contact us here at The EA Group. We will gladly provide you with any additional information that you may require about automatic gate systems and if you decide to go ahead with the installation, we would relish the opportunity to assist you with this home improvement project and carry out a free site survey for you. You can rest assured knowing that you will be in very capable hands when you turn to our expert team for assistance in this regard.