How Your Business Can Benefit From Sliding Doors

How Your Business Can Benefit From Sliding Doors


When you own a business it goes without saying that first impressions are so important. For this reason, it is imperative that not only does your business property look professional, but that it is also inviting too. Of course, one of the first things that clients will see when visiting your premises is your doors and whilst you may not think they’re important, they will often be the first thing that your company is judged on.


Due to this, these days, businesses are putting much more thought into the entrance doors of their premises and if you’re considering new doors any time soon then, we would recommend that you look into sliding doors. More often than not, businesses can benefit from installing this type of door and if you’re wondering how, keep reading today. Our team here at the EA Group have put together a list of compelling reasons.


Ease of access and space-saving


One of the biggest benefits of sliding doors is the fact that they’re automatic. You can feel safe in the knowledge that all customers will be able to gain access to your building with ease and there will never be any issues in this regard. Due to the fact that these doors slide horizontally too, they also take up much less space than standard swinging double doors and you often get a wider opening as well – which is undeniably beneficial.


Aesthetically pleasing and professional


There is no denying that all sliding doors look incredibly professional too. You can choose between straight and curved sliding doors and often you have a choice of finishes as well. Of course, the amount of natural light they let into a property also improves the look of any welcome/reception area. It goes without saying that they will always be an elegant and aesthetically appealing entrance solution.


Cost-effective and environmentally friendly


Many people are unaware of just how much money they can save by installing automatic sliding doors. Unlike manual doors that are often left propped open, sliding doors will only open as and when people require them to. Due to the fact that they will be closed the majority of the time, they will help to maintain a stable and comfortable temperature in your building. Of course, this, in turn, means that you’ll use less energy and save money on your utility bills.


Incredibly safe and secure


Security is an essential part of any entrance door and you want to ensure that the doors you choose will protect both your property and belonging as well as your staff. Not only are both straight and curved sliding doors manufactured to meet all of the current safety standards and regulations, but they can also have additional safety features installed too. For example, an electro-mechanical locking system is perfect for night time security.


Installing sliding doors


All in all, it is clear to see why so many businesses choose sliding doors systems as the entrance to their property and there is no denying that they will be a brilliant choice for your company too. You can guarantee that when you purchase either standard or curved sliding doors, they will look amazing for years to come and you will be more than satisfied with the decision that you have made.


If you would like to speak to a professional company about installing sliding doors at your business property, get in touch with the EA Group today. We can design and install both straight and curved sliding doors and our experienced team will ensure that you are provided with doors that meet all of your needs. To find out more, please visit and browse our website or don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.