Industries That Can Benefit From Hands-Free Access Control Systems

Industries That Can Benefit From Hands-Free Access Control Systems


These days, many companies use some form of access control system on both the entrance and also specific areas of their business properties. Some of the most commonly used access control systems require people to present a swipe card or enter a code when they want to gain entry. Whilst this works well in the majority of settings, it isn’t uncommon for this to be inconvenient.


Thankfully, you can get hands-free access control systems that solve any issues in this regard. Instead of needing to have a spare hand, when you approach the door it will automatically unlock for you to enter and lock again after you. The access control reader will pick up the signal from your card or key fob whether it is in your pocket or your bag, so only authorised people can access.


Of course, this type of door access control system has multiple benefits and it will make life much easier in many different industries. If you’re wondering whether this type of system will work in your premises, keep reading today. Our team at the EA Group have put together a list of industries that can greatly benefit from hands-free systems.


Industrial industries and warehouses


One of the most obvious industries that will benefit from hands-free access control systems is the industrial industry. Ultimately, any company that works in a warehouse or a factory may find systems of this kind beneficial. It isn’t uncommon for workers that require access to these types of buildings to be on vehicles or holding machinery. Being able to enter a secure door without having to use a code or a swipe card will be much easier for these workers.


Medical industries and pharmaceuticals


Another industry that will benefit is the medical industry. Of course, all hospitals will dramatically benefit from hand-free access for many obvious reasons, however, GP surgeries and pharmacies may also benefit. All of these buildings will have various areas that have restricted access and undoubtedly when needing access to these areas workers may not have a hand free. Whether they’re carrying confidential information, medicines or sterilised equipment being able to gain entry much easier will not only be more convenient but it can save time too.


Food industry and hospitality


The food industry and also many companies in the hospitality industry will benefit from having hands-free access too. Of course, many workers in these industries will need to follow strict hygiene rules and simply being able to gain entry without having to touch anything can be incredibly beneficial. It goes without saying that this will save these workers lots of time and it may also cut back on the amount of hygiene equipment being used.


Numerous industries in office environments


Hands-free access control systems can also be beneficial in any industry that works in an office environment. Again, it isn’t uncommon for staff to be carrying documents and paperwork so being able to use a swipe card or enter a code isn’t always easy. Many offices actually end up propping open doors to restricted areas for convenience and this obviously defeats the objective of the access restriction.


Installing hands-free access control systems


Ultimately, this specific type of access control system can actually be beneficial to pretty much any industry. Their convenience alone will benefit everyone and many workers will appreciate this small change. Of course, if you have specific areas that require higher security measures then you can always integrate additional systems to ensure that they aren’t compromised and that you don’t need to worry at all in this regard.


If you would like to find out more about how these systems work, please don’t hesitate to contact our team here at the EA Group today. We will gladly answer any questions that you may have about hands-free access control systems and provide you with all the additional information that you require. Our team will also be able to create a complete system that specifically meets your needs and requirements, and they have the skills required to integrate various systems if required. You can trust you are in safe hands with our team.