FAAC 620 Automatic Barrier

The FAAC 620 automatic barrier is an ideal solution for heavy, but not continuous traffic


  • Suitable for beam lengths up to 5m
  • Hydraulic operator with opening and closing lock
  • The ideal solution for heavy but not continuous traffic
  • Electronic deceleration (patented)
  • Barrier status can be signaled to the traffic control devices
  • External release with triangular key
  • Built in detector, two independent channels
  • BUS technology


The 620 is an ideal automatic barrier solution for heavy, but not continuous traffic. It features a hydraulic operator with opening and closing lock and smooth electronic deceleration. This barrier will support a 5 metre beam and bottom skirt with an opening/closing speed of 3.5 to 4.5 seconds

Technical Specifications

Max Beam Length 5m
Approx opening time 4.5 sec (4m beam)
Use frequency 70%
Power Consumption 220W
Special features Includes dual channel loop detector
Available with rectangular or round beam
LED beam lighting available as option for round beam
Articulated beam option available


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