FAAC B680 Automatic Barrier

One of the strongest and most capable automatic barriers on the market, the FAAC B680 has no equals but itself.


  • 24V barriers that can operate beams up to 8.3m
  • Barrier with unlimited springs:over 2,000,000 continuous use cycles without special maintenance
  • Fast opening speed (selectable electronically): from 1.5 seconds for 2m gateways
  • Extreme logistics optimisation:only one barrier model and two springs for sectional beams measuring 2 to 8.3m
  • Removable case available in 4 colours or stainless steel
  • Integrated encoder (with reverse in the event of an obstacle)
  • Integrated control board, with 2 integrated loop detectors
  • Modular beams
  • Adjustable speed
  • Single version for left and right handed versions
  • Body and beam LED lights
  • Compatible with 620 and 640 baseplate (retrofit)


Since its launch, the FAAC B680 automatic barrier has been one of our most popular barriers.

Its design, versatility and different available configurations make it the preferred choice for many. Rated for continuous use, raising and lowering barrier beam lengths up to 8.3 metres, it demonstrates the design and build quality within this barrier.

It is the workhorse of barriers. Built to last and packed with powerful torque that is harnessed for safety.

For all of its impressive specifications, the B680 automatic barrier is both elegant and graceful in operation.

Safe performance and reliability
The FAAC B680H has a Hybrid heart which, together with its “everlasting” springs, allows it to exceed 2,000,000 cycles of continuous-use, raising 8 metre beams in less than 6 seconds, in total safety, thanks to the reverse on contact feature.

Removable housing
The FAAC B680H has an internal load-bearing structure and an external removable housing. This design gives the system great stability and permits easy replacement of the housing.

Full visibility and control of traffic
The programmable integrated flashing traffic light connector guarantees perfect regulation of traffic, while the optional LED beam lights adequately signal closing of the passage even under conditions of poor visibility.

Technical Specifications

Max Beam Length 8.3 metres
Voltage 24V
Application Industrial
Approx opening time Adjustable from 1.5sec (2m beam) to 6sec (8m beam)
Use frequency Continuous
Power Consumption 240W
Special features Includes dual channel loop detector
Absolute encoder for obstacle detection
LED beam & Cabinet lighting available as an option
Beams over 5m supplied in two pieces for easy transportation


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