Lots of companies have private car parks attached to their business premises and although these car parks are incredibly beneficial, many companies tend to have difficulty controlling access to them. It isn’t uncommon for businesses to find that their employees are unable to park during working hours due to unauthorised vehicles using the car park and there are also issues with these car parks being used after hours without permission too.

These ongoing problems lead to companies looking into different high-quality security systems that they can use to specifically prevent access to their car park. Thankfully, there are lots of options to choose from these days from automatic gates and barrier systems to automatic number plate recognition solutions. However, one option that is frequently overlooked, often because people don’t know about it, is a security bollard. If you would like to find out more about automatic security bollards and why they are a brilliant choice, keep reading today.


What are automatic security bollards?

As the name suggests, this security solution is made up of bollards that automatically rise from and sink into the ground. With a remote control device, you can easily prevent or allow people access into your car park. There are two types of automatic security bollards to choose from;

  • Electro-pneumatic – motorised by compressed air
  • Electro-hydraulic – motorised by a hydraulic pump with biodegradable oil

As expected, there are pros and cons to each of these security bollards, so it is worthwhile looking into them further and considering which would be best for your specific application.


Why are bollards a good security solution?

There are many reasons why security bollards are a brilliant choice for anyone looking to protect their company car park and below are some of the biggest benefits of this solution.


  • Dramatically increase security

Security bollards are incredibly resistant to impact and force, so there is no way that someone will be able to break through them and enter your car park without permission. You can guarantee that they will not only be able to prevent unauthorised access, but they can also act as a visual deterrent to any trespassers too.


  • Incredibly durable

You can trust that once you have installed this type of security solution, it will keep your premises safe for many years to come. Not only are they impossible to break through, unlike other alternatives, but they are also made from durable material meaning they will experience very little wear and tear over the years.


  • Quick and convenient

Automatic security bollards can be raised or dropped in less than 3 seconds, meaning that you will never have to worry about their convenience. They are known for being much faster than automatic barriers and gates too, which can be very useful if you need to allow or prevent access without much warning or in emergency situations.


  • Versatile in design

These days, security bollards are actually available in a wide range of different colours and also several different designs too. They can easily complement the architectural surroundings wherever they are needed, which makes them much more aesthetically pleasing than classic car park barriers or a large gate.


  • Multiple uses

Whilst they are commonly used to secure company car parks at the entrance, these security bollards actually have many other uses too. For example, they are used to protect pedestrians too or can even be used to prevent parking in particular spaces within the car park. You may find that they are beneficial to install in other parts of your business premises too.


Installing automatic security bollards

Ultimately, whatever your reasons may be for wanting to install a security system for your car park, you can guarantee that automatic security bollards will be able to meet your needs in this regard. They are well worth considering when looking at all of the different options that you have to choose from. If you would like to speak to a security bollard supplier about this option in more detail, don’t hesitate to contact the EA Group today.


Here at the EA Group, we have been supplying, installing, and maintaining automatic security bollards for over twenty years now, including both commercial parking bollards and domestic driveway bollards. We are well known in the industry for providing both the highest quality products and aftercare services, so you can trust that we are the best people to contact.


University of Winchester contacted EA Group seeking a long-established security company that could offer the specific products, good communication and long term maintenance that they actively required after several failings in installation and communications from their previous suppliers.

EA Group were tasked to design and install an automatic bollard entrance system to the West Downs campus in keeping with the existing three systems on their adjoining estates

The EA hydraulic bollard systems offer the client a reliable, safe and secure entrance system, the bollards are 600 mm tall when raised and come complete with electronic buzzer and LED light rings for activation safety. Coupled with the bespoke traffic light and control unit tower specially designed for the university, the access control entrance pillar and complete electronic safety system including the three buried induction loops, EA Group were able to offer the university the exact entrance they required.

EA Group discussed the installation with the university to prior to ensure that road closures and disruption were kept to a minimum, the project was delivered from start to finish in the discussed timescales which ensured the university could open for the new term without disruption.

Following the installation, the university have awarded EA Group the annual maintenance contract to maintain the existing bollard installations around the university’s campus.

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Based upon recommendation, EA Group were chosen to upgrade an existing high end residential gate in London.

To meet the stringent BS EN12453 rules we replaced the existing operator together with a control board

We also modified by adding a new solid 50mm round section into the gate frame and replaced the existing hinge to a wraparound to remove the crushing hazard dangers associated with most hinges. Also, electronic 42mm safety edges were installed where entrapment could occur to ensure the gate complied and passed the force test certification.

Our engineers were given the task of removing the existing operator and cutting into the specialist paving slabs which we carried out with finite precision and a neat finish was achieved leaving our customer very satisfied with the entire installation.

A residential gate upgraded to incorporate the latest safety standards.

A residential automatic gate upgraded in London

A residential automatic gate, showing upgraded hinges to incorporate the latest safety standards.

EA Group can automate or upgrade any gate to the latest standards, call us on 01372 459536 to discuss your requirements.

EA Group (UK) Ltd have successfully installed a complete solar powered automated barrier solution to the network connecting road between North Park quarry and Pendell Quarry for Siblico UK Ltd.

The five new 5 meter skirted barriers are proving invaluable to Siblico operatives as they carry out their safety checks and day to day operations along the conveyor route, the barriers replaced manual steel gates and padlocks and therefore offer a time saving and hassle free solution to navigating the one mile long route.

The new solar powered barriers offer up to 100 uses per day with an integral battery back up, working on a single remote control, with all the safety features that you would expect with a standard mains powered automated barrier.

EA Group (UK) Ltd are able to offer solar powered solutions to new automated barrier installations and automatic gate installations, removing the need for mains power supplies (230v/240v) saving time, hassle and overall cost of your projects.

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