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Transforming entry with a wireless intercom solution


Our offices are increasingly connected. With the rise of cloud and other internet-enabled services, the technologies we use speak to each other much more. This is fantastic for business efficiency and collaboration between colleagues and customers alike.

At EA we’ve also seen many of the security benefits as well. You can now connect your access control systems to your CCTV, gates, doors and communication services. This enables better remote monitoring and more efficient access for guests and staff. This integration now extends to your intercom, and that’s the topic of today’s blog.

Intercom services used to run on analogue connections. They would connect to a single phone and that was about all they did. Now with the arrival of cloud-based services and a wider range of integrations, they can do a whole lot more. For another level of security and convenience we’ll also detail the benefits of integrating your intercom with access control.

Audio and video

This is the basic function of the intercom, but it is worth mentioning. A good quality intercom service that integrates with your access control service should also have a high standard when it comes to audio.

Many IP systems and even some analogue services now come equipped with video as well. It’s great to be able to check your camera when you’re in a hurry, and it can help to deter some more persistent door-knockers.

With the basics out of the way, here are some of the newer features you might not yet know about.

Mobile notifications

With an integrated IP system, your intercom can connect to a mobile device of your choice. This automatically sends you a notification when the intercom is triggered. From here you can check the video or audio feeds from your mobile. This is not only great to access when you’re away from your desk in the office but also enables remote monitoring.

This means if you’re working from home, you can easily let colleagues in if needed. If a delivery driver arrives, you can quickly get in touch or even deter potential unauthorised guests. IP systems generally include a higher standard of video camera, so you’ll get a clear picture wherever you are.

CCTV Integration

The best technology works well together, and security systems are no exception. Our intercom services can integrate alongside CCTV to give you an unparalleled level of visibility at all times.

Depending on the age of your CCTV system, and whether this is IP enabled as well, you’ll be able to check multiple angles when an alert is triggered. This is valuable not only for your peace of mind but can also enable better remote monitoring in future. If you’d like to find out more about how we design and install our CCTV systems, check out our last blog.

Access control systems

So far, we’ve focussed on improving the functionality of your intercom system, but integrating your intercom with your access control unlocks another level of new features. Your access control system is any system you use to unlock doors around your office. It could be a swipe card, access token or even biometrics. You can integrate your intercom with these systems as well as your CCTV. This means you can hear, see and then allow access to any visitors or staff members in seconds.

This process can be entirely handled remotely. We know that many teams now work flexibly or entirely from home and have seen intercoms used in more situations than just to watch out for crooks. For example, you can buzz in anyone who forgot a key that day, or even just let in a delivery person.

In the case that someone does attempt to force open a door, our access control service creates record logs of when access was attempted. This can then be cross-referenced with your CCTV and intercom at a later date.

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