Why Your Business Should Have an Access Control System


Security continues to be a growing concern for businesses of all industries, ensuring that your employees, equipment and information remain safe is always a top priority. Businesses need to have adequate protection systems in place in order to make sure that all threats are deterred whether that is physically or technologically.

In the past, the majority of businesses used traditional methods as security solutions such as lock and key doors and security guards. However, there are new advanced safety innovations available that help businesses adapt and improve their security. One of the best security solutions available is an access control system. Below we will tell you everything you need to know about these systems and why your business should have one. 

What is an access control system?

This system is an electronic system that allows a person, with proper clearance, to access to a certain area of your building. These systems can involve key cards, pin codes, biometric scanners, alarms and video surveillance systems. They are an all-round system that can be tailored specifically to your business needs. 

What are the benefits?

  • Monitoring and reporting

Having an access control system in your business property will enable you to take note of every person who enters and exits your building each day. It will also record other important details such as their identity, occupation, role in the business, the reason for entry and what hours they entered and left the premises. 

This information can be valuable to business owners or managers if a potential issue, such as stolen office supplies or a data breach, occurs on a specific day or time. Using the access control system they can easily find out who was inside buildings or rooms when the issues occurred.

  • Increased safety

Threats to businesses are endless and you never know what kind of people will want access to your assets, data and even employees. One of the biggest threats is unauthorised entry. To avoid this, there needs to be a controlled security system in place that will help you maintain protection by granting necessary site access. 

As well as protecting the whole building, an access control system can also protect specific areas and rooms. This system allows you to grant approved employees access to designated areas. It is perfect for larger businesses with various offices that don’t require access by all employees. 

  • Cost-effective 

Installing an access control system may seem expensive to start with but we can assure you that it is a cost-effective solution. For example, when you have keyless entry and someone loses their key card it is much easier to replace this and reprogram the system than it is to change the entire building’s locks. 

An access control system also eliminates the need of having to print and photocopy ID cards as all of this information can be available electronically. This doesn’t only save you money but also a lot of time, it is friendly on the environment too. Of course, this system is also a lot cheaper than having a large security team yet it still provides you with the protection you require. 

How do I install an access control system?

If you think that this system is the best security solution for your business then you will need to work with one of the best access control companies in the UK to ensure that all of your needs and requirements are met. Here at EA Group we specialise in access control systems and have assisted many different businesses with their systems.

When you choose to work with us to develop your business access control system, we will ensure that it is fully tailored and suitable for your application. Whether you are simply looking for an employee access control system or you would like a complete all-round system that can monitor your buildings facilities or control how and when occupants interact with the equipment within, then we can assist you today. 

Should you want to know more about our organisation or range of solutions please contact us at sales@ea-group.co.uk