Introducing our range of Turnstiles

Our range of turnstiles are ideal for providing an imposing visual presence and to prevent unauthorised access. As turnstile manufacturers, we can create solutions that suit your space.



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    Why Turnstiles could be right for you?

    Control pedestrian access to a variety of locations around your site

    Waist-high solutions provide an imposing visual deterrant

    Provide a safer and more secure welcome to your guests

    Integrate simply with any access control services you use, such as hardware tokens or ID cards

    Reliability for years to come, supported by our expert maintenance and installation team

    Our range of Turnstiles:

    EA Tripod

    An extremely durable access control turnstile, providing high traffic flow and reliability make it an ideal solution where a more utilitarian product is required.

    EA Tripod Elite

    The EA Tripod Elite incorporates the functionality of a turnstile with the style and aesthetics of our Swing Lane type of speed gates.

    EA Electromechanical Turnstile

    A turnstile designed to provide smooth and efficient access in crowded public environments.

    With the Electromechanical Turnstile Bi-directional access can be provided if needed.

    How can Turnstiles benefit your industry:


    Turnstiles mean gyms can control who enters with membership and has a log of who entered and left the premises.


    Turnstiles clearly distinguish which areas of their premise should be accessible by staff, students or the general public.


    Turnstiles provide an efficient way for up to 30 people to enter a premises within a minute, but they slow and organise pedestrians quickly enough for security teams to identify unauthorised access.


    As a brand, EA Group have been synonymous over many years with the art of making an entrance. Combining advanced security integration, automation technology with reliability of service and quality of standards.

    Supporting a wide range of products and services, EA Group is an established quality brand for the integration of security systems and entrance solutions.

    +44 (0) 1372 459536