Launched in 2003 and now with over 1,500,000 customers, Gear4music is a leading retailer of musical instruments and music equipment.

During the start of the covid lockdowns, Gear4music approached EA Group for some high glass speed lanes that could incorporate access control and high temperature detection

Naturally, we had products in stock and were on-site in no time. below is the installation completed:

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As an employer, you have a legal duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of your employees and also anyone else who may be affected by your business, such as clients and customers. Part of this duty includes being responsible for ensuring the security of your workers whilst they are at your business premises.

There are various ways that you can handle employee security and many employers take additional steps, such as installing commercial CCTV systems, checking the identity of visitors and investing in access control systems, to ensure that they do all they can to protect their team. Of course, it goes without saying that this additional security is crucial in some industries but, if you’re wondering whether employee security is really that important or even beneficial for your company then keep reading today.


Reduce the risks of threats

Aside from the legal obligations as an employer, putting correct security in place for your employees allows you to reduce the risk of threats. It is important to remember that these threats are not only to your employees, but also your business premises.

Physical security protocols might include things such as requiring employees to always use ID card access control systems, and it is important to stress to your employees how important this is too. Whilst some may feel like it is a restriction, thieves and intruders will exploit any vulnerability in your security, so it’s vital to ensure everyone adheres to your security protocols at all times.


Improves overall productivity

There is no denying that a team who feels safe in their place of work will be more productive. Knowing that they can come to work and just get on with their job without having to worry about anything gives them more headspace to focus on their individual tasks at hand.

Ultimately, the more productive your team are, the better for you so, it is worth asking them what would make them feel safe and secure when at work. You may find that lots of employees have a similar response and this can then help you to ensure that you’re installing the best security systems for everyone. Remember that your business wouldn’t be able to function without your employees, never overlook their needs.


Reduce expenditures in the long run

Whilst you may have to pay out initially for your additional security you will find that in the long run, this can save you money. Having comprehensive workplace security can reduce liabilities, insurance, compensation and other security expenses.

Putting yourself and your business in a position where you know that you have done all you can to protect your property and your employees just makes sense. You can relax whenever you’re not at work knowing that there is adequate security in place to look after your business as a whole. Of course, then if anything was to happen you will also have the peace of mind that there isn’t anything else you could have done rather than thinking ‘what if’.


Installing additional security

It is clear to see that no matter what industry you work in, employee security is incredibly important and undoubtedly beneficial to you as an employer as well. If you would like to speak to an experienced security company about your business security needs in more detail please don’t hesitate to contact the EA Group.

With numerous security solutions available, from intercom and access control systems to CCTV camera systems for businesses, our team will gladly discuss with you the best choice for your company and provide you with our professional opinion in this regard. You can trust that we will take into account your needs and requirements before ensuring that we can create and install a solution that you are more than happy with.



Airports are amongst one of the most secure and safeguarded locations in most countries, after all, thousands of people pass through each airport every day. Due to this reason, it’s nearly impossible for just human intervention to guarantee the safety and protection of all passengers, which is why numerous security systems have been implemented.

With that being said, to give you a better understanding of the different security measures that airports have enforced, the talented team at the EA Group has created this guide on the most common types of security systems in all airports across the world.


Passenger pre-board screening

The first and most known security system that is utilised in airports includes passenger pre-board screening. This primarily involves passengers going through metal detection systems, as well as x-ray systems to check that passengers aren’t attempting to carry any undislocated or illegal items through into the airport.

It’s also likely that the cabin baggage screening process will be completed simultaneously when you are being screened. During this process, the passengers’ carry-on items will be checked through x-ray systems so that they can identify any items that aren’t permitted for air travel or to be taken through into the airside zone.


Hold baggage screening

Any luggage that is checked-in prior to going through to security will also need to be checked over within a process called hold-baggage screening. Similar to cabin baggage screening, all of the items that are checked-in be processed through an x-ray system, as well as being processed with computer tomography and explosive detection systems.



CCTV systems are one of the most crucial security solutions regardless of the specific location in the airport, primarily because they can be installed to monitor every single movement happening. It’s often the case that all of these cameras will be closely monitored in a control center, where trained teams will be looking at these cameras around the clock to guarantee any suspicious behaviour is dealt with appropriately.

Fortunately, various commercial CCTV systems are becoming smarter in terms of autonomous recognition. Especially for airports, where numerous individuals look to go to in order to flee the country, smart CCTV systems are able to track, identify and alert the authorities if they are caught on the camera.


Passenger access control

Depending on their airport, it’s likely that they will also have implemented passenger access control systems in order to control where they can enter. A suitable example is for passengers’ boarding passes, where they will scan them on a speed gate or security turnstile in order to be granted access to the next zone within the airport.


Restricted area identity card

Especially in airports, there are several areas that are restricted from passengers, but they still need to be accessible to staff. Depending on the airport, it’s likely that they have installed heavy-duty security doors that require an identity card to open, though there are several other alternatives including security speed gates as mentioned above.


Security bollards

Not only do individuals need to be prevented access, so do vehicles. Many notable airports have road infrastructure close or running into the airport, but not all of these vehicles are permitted. Due to this, many airports have implemented security bollards which are designed to work with third-party applications including their ID passes so that relevant people can be granted access when needed.


Can these systems benefit your business?

Although this guide is based on the security systems used within an airport, there is no reason why most of these systems can’t be used for commercial businesses. Fortunately for those that are keen on finding out more, the EA Group is here to help.

As one of the UK’s reputable providers for advanced security systems and entrance solutions, we have worked with almost every industry, enabling our team to have the expertise to guarantee you the very best solutions and services possible. By calling +44 (0) 1372 459536, you will have the opportunity to speak to one of our specialists who will be more than happy to suggest the most suitable systems based on your specific needs and requirements.


The Union Jack Club is for all serving and veteran enlisted members of HM Armed Forces and their families, providing a unique and inspiring meeting venue in the heart of London that is a popular and affordable venue for a variety of events for Members, Military Associations, HM Armed Forces, charities and businesses.

EA Group is proud to have been the provider of waist height speedlanes, door automation, and full height turnstiles during the refurbishment of this venue.

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EA Group can supply and install any size cantilever or tracked sliding gates, these fantastic gates come completely pre built-in your bespoke size and finish, complete with full automation and BS EN12453 safety equipment ready to be bolted down on site, connected to power and your choice of new or existing access control.

We can offer these gates in any bespoke size and your choice of finish and colour, standard in aluminium or steel structure these gates are designed to last.

One of the best features of these industrial gates is the installation time, with a pre-built base EA Group will have the gate delivered by specialist Hi-Ab truck to be lifted into place and can complete the installation generally within 48 hours* (Dependant on extras required).

Below are some photos of our most recent installation taking place of a 6.5 meter cantilever gate, offering a direct replacement for our clients’ existing sliding gate which had reached the end of its life.

Another great solution and installation by the EA Group. This was a turnkey solution for our client. Our works included our slim lanes, balustrade with cable containment.

Part of the brief was to gain access with either biometric fingerprint, NFC so staff could use their mobile devices to enter as well as proximity cards or fobs, and all connected to their active directory for ultimate control. Works were also carried outside of normal working hours at the clients’ request.

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CCTVSecurity is incredibly important, no matter what industry you work in. Whether you have a huge business that requires a large multi-storey property or a small independent business with one office, your security solutions should never be overlooked.

Many companies turn to commercial CCTV systems as their security solution. Reliable security cameras now play a key role in monitoring security both inside and around buildings and they are a very popular choice. Overall, there are many different reasons to consider a CCTV system for your business and EA Group have laid out their key benefits below.

Powerful crime deterrent

One of the biggest benefits of CCTV systems for businesses is that they are a deterrent for crime. The sight of a CCTV camera is usually enough to scare anyone carrying out illegal activities away from your property, it infers an air of danger and the presence of the law. Ensure that your cameras are in a visible place and also consider putting up warnings that CCTV is in operation and you’re sure to stop any criminal before they attempt anything.

Monitors activity

CCTV systems are able to keep track of what is happening in your establishment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Having the ability to monitor the activity of both workers and visitors at your business, this allows you to be completely in control and fully aware of what is going on under your roof at all times.


Gives you peace of mind

Knowing that you have a system watching over your premises at all times gives you peace of mind that it is being protected from criminals, even if you are out of the office. Having a high-quality CCTV system can reduce your stress outside of work and allow you to really relax knowing that you have an effective security system in place.

Increases staff safety

As well as keeping your building safe and giving you peace of mind, your CCTV can also keep your staff safe and help them feel secure. Keeping your staff protected whilst at work should be of the utmost importance to you. No matter whether you have solo night workers you want to feel safe or you just want to be able to keep an eye on all of your staff – CCTV is the way to do it. This system is a great way to make your premises a safe work environment for everyone.

Provides evidence

In the unfortunate event that a crime does occur at your premises having a CCTV system can help you piece together exactly what happened, helping to hopefully solve the crime. It may even be able to catch the criminals in the act. The evidence that your CCTV can supply will be incredibly beneficial in police investigations.

Cost-effective solution

CCTV systems are one of the most cost-effective solutions when it comes to security. They are a lot less costly than hiring a full-time security officer for the premises and they also cover a lot more ground than one security officer can. There is now such a wide range of security cameras available on the market, along with supporting equipment to meet all of your technical and environmental requirements.

Installing a CCTV system

There really aren’t any downsides to installing CCTV systems into your business premises and there is no denying that once you are aware of the benefits, you will want to arrange an installation service as soon as possible.

If you are looking for an experienced access control company in the UK that will be able to assist you with your CCTV system, as well as any additional security systems and access control systems, then please don’t hesitate to contact the EA Group. We have a wealth of experience in designing commercial CCTV systems, providing clients with everything from high-definition CCTV cameras and infrared security cameras to pan tilt zoom cameras and IP and networked digital security cameras.

There seem to be so many different options available these days when it comes to security for business premises. It can be incredibly confusing and not many people know everything about all of these different solutions, so sometimes the best options are overlooked simply because they might not be as well known.

A security solution that isn’t as well known and is often forgotten is the turnstile. If you are looking for a new security solution and are open to exploring every option then we would definitely recommend you keep reading. We have put together a complete guide to turnstiles to help you get to know this security solution.

What are turnstiles?

To put it simply, a turnstile is a security gate that uses stiles and a ratchet mechanism and optionally a drive. This mechanism is specifically used to allow the rotation of the stile in one or either direction which in turn, enables someone to enter or allows egress.

Where are they used?

You will find turnstiles are used in a wide variety of settings, some of the most common include stadiums, amusement parks, office lobbies, airports, ski resorts, and casinos. There really are no rules regarding where you can and can’t use a turnstile and if you think it is the best solution for your security, then there is no reason why it can’t work for your needs.

Why are they used?

One of the main reasons why turnstile gates are used is to control the flow of foot traffic through the entrance and exit points of a building, without the need for manned monitoring. However, they can also be used to increase security, count visitors and they are regularly chosen to restrict access to areas only allowing entry from people who have a specific ticket or pass.

People choose to use turnstiles specifically for the prevention of piggybacking and tailgating. They are the perfect solution for stopping any unauthorised person following an authorised person through either with or without their knowledge.

Are there different types of turnstiles?

There are many different security gates that use a turnstile mechanism but the two most popular and, the ones that people picture when you mention a turnstile is a waist-high turnstile and a full-height turnstile. This fixed arm style has traditionally been the most popular type of turnstile, although drop arms are also an option for emergency exit.

Most of the time you will see a waist-high turnstile in busy public places, however, if you are considering installing them in somewhere quieter you may want to consider opting for a full-height security turnstile gate. We recommend this because people have been known for jumping over waist-height turnstiles and this defeats the object of the security gate.

Do I need more than one turnstile?

This really does depend on the amount of foot traffic you experience. On average, if all goes smoothly, the crossing capacity in free access mode can offer 60 users per minute or a crossing capacity in single access mode, of 25 people per minute. This can differ depending on who you have entering and what they need in order to enter.

This flow rate will work well for many business properties, however, if you have incredibly busy time periods then you should consider investing in multiple turnstiles. Ideally, you want to keep your foot traffic flowing smoothly preventing people from having to wait and causing issues in this regard.

How do I go about installing them?

If you are considering installing security turnstile gates in your business property then please get in touch with the EA Group today. We are a team of experienced professionals who can provide you with a wide range of turnstile access control systems.

No matter what you are looking to get out of your turnstile system, the EA Group can provide you with a bespoke turnstile solution. We have installed these automatic barriers for pedestrian control, to count visitors and also for security purposes to work alongside existing access control systems. Whether you are looking for a turnstile to work with a swipe card, barcode, bio-metrics, coins, tokens or tickets, the EA Group can assist you.

EA Group was approached a few weeks ago by a client that had a potential security risk at their staff entrance. The old lane by others had failed and parts weren’t readily available by their previous supplier. A survey was carried out within 2 hours of the call out, a quote went out the same day and a replacement lane from our stock was installed within just a few days.

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Montrose House Refurbished Heritage Gates approved by Historic England

Montrose House is a late 17th-century Grade II* listed building in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. The owners approached EA Group with a vision of refurbishing the original central gates. This was due to their worn condition and the potential structural dangers that they posed.

With Heritage England involved, the refurbishment project was undertaken EA to replicate the original gates exactly. The original gates were taken down in two stages. Firstly the arch was removed to ensure a safe working area below. Following that, the main gates and framework was delicately removed. Once removed, the historic gates were transported to the fabrication facility.

These beautiful historic gates were to be refurbished and rebuilt using the original ironwork. This required them to be carefully stripped and repaired. When a new component part was required due to the existing poor condition, a new was manufactured to match exactly using reclaimed or aged material.

After several months of delicate work the new refurbished gates were returned and erected on-site.

Bringing a fresh new lease of life to the main entrance of this outstanding house in Richmond, Surrey. These new refurbished gates will now stand as the centerpiece to this magnificent property for many years to come.

Montrose House Heritage Gates before refurbishment

Montrose House Heritage Gates before refurbishment


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