The Union Jack Club is for all serving and veteran enlisted members of HM Armed Forces and their families, providing a unique and inspiring meeting venue in the heart of London that is a popular and affordable venue for a variety of events for Members, Military Associations, HM Armed Forces, charities and businesses.

EA Group is proud to have been the provider of waist height speedlanes, door automation, and full height turnstiles during the refurbishment of this venue.

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There seem to be so many different options available these days when it comes to security for business premises. It can be incredibly confusing and not many people know everything about all of these different solutions, so sometimes the best options are overlooked simply because they might not be as well known.

A security solution that isn’t as well known and is often forgotten is the turnstile. If you are looking for a new security solution and are open to exploring every option then we would definitely recommend you keep reading. We have put together a complete guide to turnstiles to help you get to know this security solution.

What are turnstiles?

To put it simply, a turnstile is a security gate that uses stiles and a ratchet mechanism and optionally a drive. This mechanism is specifically used to allow the rotation of the stile in one or either direction which in turn, enables someone to enter or allows egress.

Where are they used?

You will find turnstiles are used in a wide variety of settings, some of the most common include stadiums, amusement parks, office lobbies, airports, ski resorts, and casinos. There really are no rules regarding where you can and can’t use a turnstile and if you think it is the best solution for your security, then there is no reason why it can’t work for your needs.

Why are they used?

One of the main reasons why turnstile gates are used is to control the flow of foot traffic through the entrance and exit points of a building, without the need for manned monitoring. However, they can also be used to increase security, count visitors and they are regularly chosen to restrict access to areas only allowing entry from people who have a specific ticket or pass.

People choose to use turnstiles specifically for the prevention of piggybacking and tailgating. They are the perfect solution for stopping any unauthorised person following an authorised person through either with or without their knowledge.

Are there different types of turnstiles?

There are many different security gates that use a turnstile mechanism but the two most popular and, the ones that people picture when you mention a turnstile is a waist-high turnstile and a full-height turnstile. This fixed arm style has traditionally been the most popular type of turnstile, although drop arms are also an option for emergency exit.

Most of the time you will see a waist-high turnstile in busy public places, however, if you are considering installing them in somewhere quieter you may want to consider opting for a full-height security turnstile gate. We recommend this because people have been known for jumping over waist-height turnstiles and this defeats the object of the security gate.

Do I need more than one turnstile?

This really does depend on the amount of foot traffic you experience. On average, if all goes smoothly, the crossing capacity in free access mode can offer 60 users per minute or a crossing capacity in single access mode, of 25 people per minute. This can differ depending on who you have entering and what they need in order to enter.

This flow rate will work well for many business properties, however, if you have incredibly busy time periods then you should consider investing in multiple turnstiles. Ideally, you want to keep your foot traffic flowing smoothly preventing people from having to wait and causing issues in this regard.

How do I go about installing them?

If you are considering installing security turnstile gates in your business property then please get in touch with the EA Group today. We are a team of experienced professionals who can provide you with a wide range of turnstile access control systems.

No matter what you are looking to get out of your turnstile system, the EA Group can provide you with a bespoke turnstile solution. We have installed these automatic barriers for pedestrian control, to count visitors and also for security purposes to work alongside existing access control systems. Whether you are looking for a turnstile to work with a swipe card, barcode, bio-metrics, coins, tokens or tickets, the EA Group can assist you.

Usay Compare is the UK’s largest and fastest-growing Private Medical Insurance intermediary. Based near Cirencester in the picturesque Cotswold region, Usay Compare has an ever-growing staff of more than 120 including a team of over 55 fully-trained health insurance advisers.

EA Group were asked to survey and quote for a revolving door and turnstiles for a business unit opposite their existing premises which forms part of the companies expansion. They had recently received similar items on their current building (by others) and weren’t fully satisfied with either the quality of product, installation or communication.

An order was received last week. With only a five week lead-time from drawing approval we will be installing one of our Surrey manufactured all glass bespoke revolving doors complete with a night shutter for added security. Our turnstiles are held in stock and will be installed at the same time.

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Sweeper-S Speed Lane

I proudly write to say we have just sold a number of EA Swing-S slim speed lanes to this client in Salford, Manchester. Talk Talk went to the market earlier this year and contacted a number of companies looking for minimalist lanes for the refurbishment of their Soapworks facility. Our slim speed lanes and pass gates were specified thereafter and will be installed on three floors. Works commence in early 2018

Speed Gates - Sweeper-S

Are you looking for something similar? Please contact us via our web enquiry form or call us on 01372 459536 for advice and estimating services


Here are the latest images of our Swing Speedlane installed at this Observatory House.

Are you looking for something similar? Please contact us via our web enquiry form or call us on 01372 459536 for advice and estimating services.

Improbable Worlds Limited (commonly referred to as Improbable) are a British multinational technology company founded in 2012 with its headquarters in Farringdon, London.

The company have created SpatialOS, which is a computation platform that enables the creation of massive simulations and virtual worlds for use in video games and corporate simulations. The firm partnered with Google in December 2016.

Improbable Worlds came to us with a requirement to enhance the security to the main and side entrances of their London offices. We raised a quote on the same day of the survey, and our EA Swing Speed Lanes were installed just six weeks later.

EA Group are delighted to announce that we have installed the two new circle sliding door entrances and security speed lane turnstiles at the reception of the Subsea 7 new purpose built, high-tech office building on the Brighton Road in Sutton.

Subsea 7 is a world-leading seabed-to-surface engineering, construction and services contractor to the offshore energy industry. They have recently relocated their staff from Quadrant House, also in Sutton, to this nearby new 14,000 m2 principal building.

Prior to construction, we were able to demonstrate our circle sliding door entrances and security speed lane turnstiles. The main contractor, sub-contractors and architect all visited EA Group at our Bookham facility to view operational units within our premises. Some architectural features were requested, the modifications were made and approved by all prior to going into production.

Incidentally, the former Subsea 7 Sutton offices at Quadrant House also have an EA Group revolving door entrance, and other Subsea 7 offices also have our turnstiles installed, so the company knows that they are in safe hands when it comes to a reliable product from a market leader in entrance solutions.

This impressive new workplace will contribute to the ongoing town centre regeneration, and will also allow their business to grow whilst remaining in a town that has been a home to the company for many years.

The contemporary and flexible office space, extensive breakout areas, presentation suites, training rooms, a kitchen & restaurant will accommodate over 700 staff on-site together with designated office space for their key collaborative partners.

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Bournemouth University (BUIC) needed an access control turnstile solution that was both robust and aesthetically pleasing to control the flow of students at both an administration building and a student hall of residence.

They also needed the system to be supplied and installed in double quick time, as with a new academic year upon them, this very popular south coast university would soon be bustling with new students that needed a degree of controlling.

Fortunately, they called upon the expertise of EA Group who were able to identify the best turnstile for this application was their EA Tripod turnstile model, and furthermore, installed it with additional glass balustrades within the allotted time frame.

Are you looking for something similar? Please contact us via our web enquiry form or call us on 01372 459536 for advice and estimating services

EA Group were approached for the speed lane package at Weston House in High Holborn.

We met with the contractor and architect and a bespoke solution was quickly offered and agreed. The multiple gates which were a variation to the scheme were available for installation well within the existing programme.

Our Speed Gates can be seen in this promotional letting video: